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Monday, October 24, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Photos courtesy of H&M

Finally finished editing the still life photos of the Versace for H&M women’s a home product shots, there’s so much! There’s a lot of pieces I want and I can’t wait for the release. Also check out the ad campaign, women’s lookbook, men’s lookbook and men’s products + prices, are you excited? Which pieces do you like? I wished Donatella Versace made sunglasses for the collection, oh wells! Be sure to check out the price list below as well.

Versace’s collection for H&M includes many of the iconic designs. For women, a classic black silk crepe dress has gold Grecian buttons on its patent straps, while the flow of a floor-length goddess gown is balanced by boning in the bodice. For night-time shine, multi-colour sequin dresses are covered in archival Versace prints, short metallic dresses come in either silver or gold, and strong colour shift dresses are embellished with studs in classic Greek motifs.

For H&M, Versace has revisited some of its most famous prints, which for women are used on pieces such as dresses, short pleat skirts, velvet bomber jackets, leggings and jeans. Meanwhile the importance of leather for Versace is reflected in leather jackets that come decorated with gold studs and zips. Accessories include a high-heeled laced boot and a studded suede high-heeled sandal, along with studded leather bags as well as velvet bags covered with the Miami palm print.

The US and Canada will release the collection on November 19th in select stores. The collection will be available in about 300 stores worldwide. I’m counting down the days…

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12 thoughts on “Versace for H&M Women’s & Home Products + Prices

  1. Do you if the bracelets are atleast gold-plated? I got a silver bracelet from the Jimmy Choo for H&M and it turned black. I was very disappointed =/

  2. to be honest,,i dont love this as much as i do for Lanvin x H&M…is it just me that think some of them doesnt look that expensive lol

  3. I really enjoyed a lot of the looks from this collection. I feel like it's very complete for what it is. A lot of the pieces look well-made with the Versace touch and I'm excited to see them in person.

  4. My prediction is that this won't sell nearly as well as Lanvin x H&M. Versace doesn't have the same brand as Lanvin these days. It's a great advertising campaign for Versace to bring up their brand popularity. Unless the quality far surpasses the lookbook, I doubt people will spend the amount and buy large quantities as they did with Lanvin. I'll wait for the Ebay vultures to sweep up the items, find out they won't sell, and then get them at 50% off upon return. With that said, the yellow and pink silk dresses are the only thing that I'm remotely interested in.

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