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Comments – Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add comments to my posts. Don’t be offended if I delete off-topic and offensive comments to keep out questionable matters. Keep the comments coming, I love reading your opinions and thoughts! Show me the love!

eBay – The sale of unauthorized replicas is illegal, as well as against eBay policy. Bidders who are unsure of the legality or authenticity of items they want to bid on should not be bidding these items on eBay. nitro:licious and is not responsible for the purchasing of counterfeit or fraudulent items, it is impossible to weed out the fakes/counterfeit items on eBay. Please use your best judgement before bidding, ask seller questions if you are unsure. I am in no way affiliated to the sellers, bid at your own discretion.

Product Reviews/Gifts: I accept products/services for potential product reviews, brand spotlights, giveaways, etc. But please note that accepting them do not make me obligated to review or write about your products/services, it will be under my discretion whether or not to mention it. Thank you all in advance.

I love to hear from all my readers, drop me a line whenever you want. I read every email myself but please do not get offended if I do not reply, I get a ton of emails everyday. I will try my best to reply but it may take a min. Talk soon!

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