Wendy Lam / retrogurl
Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Yu-Ming Wu
Business Manager / Editor-at-Large / Photographer

Katie Kuang

about nitro:licious
With a distinct style on its own, nitro:licious has emerged as a forerunner in the world of fashion websites. Covering a unique blend of street style, high style, and lifestyle, founder Wendy Lam has created a casual, playful and highly intimate voice which draws in a diverse readership. With an irreverent eye on fashion, Wendy exemplifies the mishmash that defines style today. Her keen eye for underground designers and of-the-moment items keep nitro:licious on fashion’s cutting edge. An unabashed H&M lover, nitro:licious exclusively offers a peek into the latest shipments to hit stores. Casting a subversive eye on the industry, nitro:licious strips away all pretense to bring readers an accessibility that has been unseen amongst her peers, thereby becoming a significant tastemaker and influencer in the industry.

Founded in February 2006, nitro:licious has created a global readership through content that transcends cultures and language. Expanding on content to cover lifestyle and events, nitro:licious embraces the concept of fashion as all encompassing. Adding in a splash of personal life with a dash of food and beauty, nitro:licious brings to life “dress:eat:play:sleep” and invites readers into her fast-paced and fascinating world.

Last updated May 8, 2015

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