Jimmy Choo for H&M Men’s Collection [First Look]


This is for all the boys on my blog and the ladies that shop for their man, thanks to lucy92 for scouting out good news while I’m out and about at New York Fashion Week. Men’s Closet has the first look at some of the men’s pieces for the highly anticipated Jimmy Choo for H&M collection slated to drop in November. The men’s bags and accessories are looking good, I’m sure some of us ladies will be picking these up for themselves (like me haha). Can’t wait to see more from the collection!

The limited edition collection will be available from November 14, 2009 in around 200 H&M stores across the world. Stay tuned for more info forthcoming…

Boys, do you like what you see so far?

> Jimmy Choo for H&M

> Jimmy Choo for H&M Over The Knee Boots

> Jimmy Choo for H&M on Lexmond Sisters

> Jimmy Choo for H&M Suede Dress + Sandals

> Jimmy Choo for H&M Men’s Collection

> Jimmy Choo for H&M Women’s Collection

More pics after the jump…










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  1. I'm loving all the bags! I'll definitely pick one of them up if I can get my hands on them.

  2. wow! the men’s stuff looks really nice!!! better than the women’s! i hope it’s not all going to be super expensive…

  3. I don’t care if those are men’s bags, I’m getting them. Lol

  4. I so want the grey suede bag with the studded strap! I’m thinking about lining up for this one …

  5. Nice! These items are perrrrrrrrfect for fall/winter. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love the sheer pocket tee’s. And they are men’s sizes so that means ladie’s can wear them for the effortless baggy chic look ^_^

  7. thanks for those!

  8. I swear I’m going to beat an old lady or two if I have to to get my way to one of those bags. omg

  9. I’m sans-man right now, but I cannot wait!!! I’m planning on getting a couple of the bags for myself though.

  10. omg, i love it…. I cannot wait to see more of the women stuff

  11. personnaly i dont really like the collection. these are all deja vu. the bags are too simple and im sure theyre going to look cheap. and the boots are boring

  12. please! men have enough trouble having far less options than women! let us buy something will u?

    (loving the first bag… hate suede for the rainy days in Lisbon =\ )

  13. I want those fake-crocodile leather wallets!!! That’s the first thing I’ll get when I run in the store.

  14. That grey studded bag is gorgeous… cant say i know many guys that’ll have it so i might have to drop a few hints for my upcoming birthday. :)

  15. uhm i hope those boots come in smaller sizes bc i think i want them. no, i know i do.

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