Full Look: COMME des GARCONS for H&M Collection

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Finally a good look at the COMME des GARCONS for H&M Collection that is slated to release in Japan early November and all other H&M markets on November 13th! You’ve got the first look back in August and a recent post about the limited edition piece from the collection that costs $349 which got the internet debating on it’s worth but here’s the full collection preview from Hong Kong’s Ketchup magazine! The collection consists of women’s, men’s and accessories along with perfume- quite an impressive collection. I’ve seen most of the pieces when I visited the H&M showroom last month and I was quite excited already but after viewing the full collection preview I seriously can’t wait! Love the accessories (bag, wallet and scarf) and most of the women’s pieces- look at the damn jackets (so nice!!), I may need to get up early and wait in line! Are you guys anticipating this collection to release? Will you line up? Don’t sleep on this collaboration!!!

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edit 11.13.2008:
Finally the collection released, check out pics and read about my experience here. Also, people already listed tons of products up on eBay already- CRAZY!

Check out the collection after the jump…



























I need these!


LOVE this bag so much, also comes in a navy blue!

Super cute wallet, also comes in navy blue with white polka dots!


The men’s collection on the next page…

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40 thoughts on “Full Look: COMME des GARCONS for H&M Collection

  1. not feeling the polka dots, got sick of them last season when they were everywhere…but everything non-polka dot is GORGEOUS! especially the black dress and navy skirt!

  2. Love the ad campaign, the black dress with pleats and trench coat (kinda ordinary) a few polka dot accessories seem ok, not sure about the whole collection tho’

  3. yes, the dots are kind of plain? whats up with just the plain button up? is there something on the back? why would they put the cdg name on just a plain button up? the jackets and jodhpurs look awesome. And Ive finally come to terms that theyre probably going to be super expensive.

  4. hmmm aren’t thepolka dots a bit last fall? I was just wondering about the qualities of the wool items. They don’t look kinda cheap in the pictures ..hopefully they’re better in person. I love the asymmetrical long sleeve t-shirt!!

  5. I like most of it, but with my luck, my soon-to-open H&M won’t get it and even if it did, the clothes would be waaay too expensive. Maybe I’ll get the perfume.

  6. hey there! I loveee your site and I loooove your h&m updates because I LOVE h&m. Recently there has been a dress from h&m that i’ve seen popping up on some fashion blogs around the net. I’ve desperately trying to find it ANYWHERE. It’s a skin tight black dress with a single zipper running up the front of the dress. If you or anyone else reading this could help me locate this dress it would be greatly appreciated! I know this is an usual post/comment/request, but you know when you want something you gotta do what u gotta do to get it. =)

  7. am really liking these. so the dress/ jacket is rather expensive though, no? that makes me very afraid to see what the rest of the prices will be like. Yes, it’s C de G but it’s being sold at H&M! Fashion for the masses!

  8. I love the polka dots polo and black cardigan for men and I like even more the tag H&M x Comme des garΓ§ons. I can’t wait Nov. 13? Do you think the stores on Nov. 13 open later that day like @ noon instead of 10:00 p.m.

  9. Just a thanks to the blogger for putting these pictures online πŸ™‚ They’re greet quality! I can’t stand waiting for H&M to give them free…

  10. Can’t wait, though it means fighting with crazed shoppers fist thing in the morning…I really want the saggy crotch pants my boyfriend hates so much.
    H&M designer collaborations always go up on Ebay about an hour after the stores open, for 6X the ticket price. Good business for the spineless.

  11. … i dont like the polka dots way too much exposure to them last season…….lookin kinda tacky now………the other stuff…….well seems very homemade…and extremely plain. i mean the polka dot purse you can get at xcetera or ardene’s. …..i hate the garment tags i mean the h&m logo over powers the entire jacket and such a cheap looking tag……..if you look at the other designers collaborations i mean if you wear that stuff it looks good and you can tell its designer but this stuff i mean how many other stores out there are selling polka dots blouses…EVERYWHERE…….so as excited as i was… not anymore

  12. I was just wondering, are all these items limited? or just some of them.
    If not, then why all the queueing and stuff going on on the opening day?

  13. i thought there was a brocade jacket or trench in the collection? that’s the only piece i’ve been dreaming about since the first pics came out a month or so ago. other than that, all these pieces are very CDG and so it goes that they are only appealing to those who like their main line. which i thinkk is a good thing, the diffusion lines shouldn’t be “dumbed down” style-wise, just more affordable pieces of what they present in their main collections, which i think CDG did a really great job of.

  14. i ll wear come de garcon by h&m, it s great. victore&rolf is not the best collection at h&m. they design unattractive garments for men and women, no wonder that vivienne westwood like them, ………????

  15. I am such a big admirer of Rei Kawakubo, it is hard to put into words but here is goes. She has inspired my career in Fashion since the early 80’s, when I used to study her designs in any store where she was sold in NYC. She is the one creator that I could truly say that I have loved everything she does as well as the talent such as Watanabe, that she brings into the CDG fold. She is pure inspiration. Her store on 22nd St. is my church. I am so proud of her in this collaboration with H&M, bringing her true genius to the masses. Her perfume collection, is a olifactory feast to the senses & I am so happy H&M will have a whiff of it….I will be on line on Thursday, my alarm clock is already set.

  16. I work at H&M, and our store has gotten some of these items in piece by piece. I can tell you that they are not really glamorous. In fact, the white button down men’s shirt is quite cheap quality, and our store has sold and has had it returned twice now. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the pair of polka dot sneakers, which we haven’t gotten in yet.

    The pants-skirt thing (10th picture) has actually been given a nickname at my store: Hammerpants. And yes, all of us have tried on said Hammerpants and done the Hammer dance. =P

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