Lanvin for H&M [First Look]

Photo courtesy of H&M

Finally, the first look of the highly anticipated Lanvin for H&M collaboration has been revealed on VOGUE! The ad campaign was shot by David Sims which stars, from left to right, Hannelore Knuts, Jane Schmitt, Tati Collitar and Natasha Poly. The collection is slated to go on sale in the US and Canada on November 20 and the rest of the world on November 23 in around 200 H&M stores worldwide. Loving the sleek black looks, classy! I can’t wait to see more!

What’s your thoughts? Do you like the first look?

UPDATE 11.01.2010: Check out the official lookbook for the Lanvin for H&M men’s (click here) and women’s (click here) lookbooks!

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  1. I love love love the jacket in the back!

  2. Lina and I were looking @ the same thing!

    I like the LBDs that I'm seeing

  3. For me is to much black, but the dress in the left part of the picture is really nice!! I can't wait to see more;)

  4. Love it, want to see more!!

  5. everything looks great – whether or not i'll be willing to line up for this will still depend on the pictures that are to be released… :D

  6. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow! I'm loving these. Have to start saving up my pennies now! Does anyone know which H&Ms will be carrying this line?

  8. I like it so far, tres chic! I like all 4 looks in this picture, also happy to get a peek before November!

  9. I can't wait!!! I love it<3

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