Jimmy Choo H&M Women’s Collection Preview


UPDATE 09.23.2009: Finally got the OK from H&M to post the still life images of the collection.


After seeing the preview of the Jimmy Choo for H&M men’s collection, I’ve been desperately waiting to see when the women’s collection will leak online. Previously we’ve seen a few sneak peeks: first the leather over-the-knee-boots then on the Lexmond sisters and recently in Harper’s Bazaar UK. Thanks to reader lucy92 once again for keeping an eye out for me while I’m out doing my thing at New York Fashion Week, she spotted the women’s collection preview on a Swedish site (link removed). The collection consists of shoes, bags, accessories for both men and women, and a women’s clothing collection to complement the accessories. This marks the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, super exciting! The collection looks promising, I’m liking a lot of the pieces! I can’t wait to see the full range, this is getting me super excited! Totally looking forward to November now, gotta start saving up!

The limited edition collection will be available from November 14, 2009 in around 200 H&M stores across the world.

UPDATE 10.15.2009: H&M updated their site with a list of stores that will carry the Jimmy Choo collection, a “How To Shop” guide, teaser video and more campaign images. I’ve got a post up, peep here!

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  1. this collection is all kinds of yes! Is there any way to find out what stores it’s coming to?

  2. some of the things do look interesting, but the pricepoint for these types of things are just way too high, especially for now! that being said, most people are going to stampede to get the merch anyway

  3. is tehre a list of these 200 stores/

  4. Oh daym I was really waiting for this but wow after seeing it finally I’m not really feeling it :(
    btw Wendy have you seen the new jeffrey campbell Tick wedges on karmaloop I think they’re really hot and kinda remind those acne wedges you have :)

  5. any info on what the size runs will be for shoes?

  6. pretty disappointing…

  7. I especially love the sandal flat on the first page!

  8. i must own that pant suit thingy with the cutout on the back

  9. i’m really excited for this…..i finally get my first pair of Choo’s….i think this is really great!! xoAG

  10. i’m excited. these are probably going to sell out.

  11. love the metallic blue shoe……. but is it just me, or is the thigh high boot was ridiculously tall?? maybe i’m just short. :)

  12. wow, I love those dresses and the fur jacket and I’m definitely gonna get one of those shoes! can’t wait to see them in stores :)

  13. Like OMG !!! I totally loveeeee this collection DAMN its soo pretty, gotta have those flats and bags !!!

  14. Check out these pics for more on the clothing, totally loving the blue metalic shoes!!

    Edited by retrogurl:links deleted b/c I have my own images.

  15. is this going to be one of those kill-destroy kind of events, like all the previous ones? do i have to stand in the freezing cold from 6 am? i want, er, everythinnnngggg

  16. I’m quite dissapointed. :( The only thing that was decent was the last belt. Everything else looks cheap and too bling bling!

  17. There is a list of stores on the H&M website. Go to the part of the site dedicated to the collection; after the intro, you will see a video montage of some of the pieces (with prices) and links which include “Find A Store”. That link shows the list of stores (depending on country) that will carry the collection.

  18. this is pretty disappointing… although i’m a bit intrigued by the snakeskin, studded boots.

  19. I spy about three pair of shoes, and two dresses that I must, must have.

    Counting down the days!


  20. I’d love to have a pair of shoes! Think it will be quite interesting this saturday, I think I’ll have to start a fight to get a pair!

  21. Definitely looking forward to this in London!

  22. best time to buy Jimmy Choo shoes for Christmas gift.

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