Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Women’s Collection

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: John Scarisbrick/H&M

Now that you’ve all seen the Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 ad campaign and men’s collection, let’s take a look at the women’s range! The peacock feather embroidery/print and optic print is carried on from the Spring collection, Williamson also added parrot and floral prints which are quite cute. Lots of prints, color and embroidery in this Summer range, Summer feels like it arrived already. He has designed three swimwear styles which include one piece and bikinis. The accessories include sunglasses, crinkled scarves, beach towels, handbags and passport holders.

“The collection is full of colour and a feeling of happiness. It’s elegant, but in a relaxed way, a little bit bohemian with some ethnic influences. We are also very happy that Matthew is making his first ever menswear collection with us – I think it is something that will be very different. It’s going to be a great stylish summer”, says Margareta van den Bosch, Creative advisor, H&M.

Women’s collection price examples: Kaftan € 79.90/£39.99, Smock top € 49.90/£59.99, Smock dress € 69.90/£49.99, Sleeveless jacket € 69.90/£49.99, Jeans € 59.90/£39.99, Kimono € 49.90/£34.99, Swimsuit € 24.90/£19.99, Scarf € 24.90/£19.99.

The Summer collection will not be as limited at the Spring collection that recently launched on April 23rd, it will be available on May 14th in around 1600 H&M stores worldwide. The collection will be in store longer than any H&M designer collaboration before.

I’m super excited for this Summer collection, the bright colors and prints are so fun! My favorite piece is definitely the beaded vest, it’s amazing! I also really like the brown denim jacket, pink oversized vest and the floral pieces, ahh too many to list! LOVES IT! Do you guys love it? Which pieces do you guys like?

> Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Collection Ad Campaign

> Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Men’s Collection

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15 thoughts on “Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Women’s Collection

  1. HOT. I can see my self rockin about 99% of this collection. My definition of spring fashion with the bright colors, florals, tunics and dresses.

  2. I love it! It’s better than the Spring collection IMO, and the prices look just right! Can’t wait to see it in stores!!

  3. one of the best H&M collabs so far imo. It has the feel of a real line and not simply a toned down version of his more expensive lines like some of the collabs I've seen in the past.

  4. Thanks for posting up all these pictures! The line is fabulous. I want to wear 95% of this collection! Absolutely gorgeous! Matthew is pretty cute too. hehe

  5. hey do you know up to when the line will stay at stores? or as soon as it sells out will no new clothes arrive?

  6. I love this collection but I asked myself if there are more fashion pieces that are not shown yet and only will be sold in h&m shops. Does someone know if there are more than shown here? Because I saw pics of a party (matthew williamson party???) where alexis bledel wores a beautiful dress that looked like williamson fashion.
    by the way sorry for my english. I’m actually German 🙂

  7. Can’t wait any longer, I love every piece of MWHM Part 2!!! I have a question though: Is the whole collection comming on May 14 or only starting to come in the stores on that day and the rest of it the following days/weeks? 🙂

  8. Wow! I love your photographs, especially how the bikini tops are set up and photographed! Are you a Professional Fashion-Design photographer?

    Amazing! Thanks for his blog!

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