Camp Beverly Hills Trip – Day #3: Magic

Camp Beverly Hills Trip – Day #3: Magic

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Day #3: Monday, February 12th

A bit of a delay on posts since I’ve been coming back to the hotel a bit late from my fun filled trip, but I promise they’ll be one for each day in Sin City with the Camp Beverly Hills crew!

Arrived at Magic early on Monday morning and on to the Camp Beverly Hills booth to check out what they’ve put together. The booth was cute, I love the white background, it gives it a clean and fresh look with the CBH logo smacked in the middle and picture frames hung on the walls, my favorite of all is the trunk decked out with CBH stickers!

*I need to rush out to Magic, but I’ll be back to update this post, check back later tonight I have tons of pics!* I’m finally back at my hotel from Magic now waiting on my dinner, so here I am updating for you guys! I’m mad beat but there’s like a few parties going on tonight and I’m thinking about hittin’ up a couple. I have nothing to wear b/c I packed light, I’ll think of something…

Yesterday, I strolled down the streetwear section of Magic and said my hellos to my friends and met a few new people that I’ve only knew thru emails. Booths I checked out: Camp Beverly Hills (gotta represent), Mama (Gabriella), DimePiece (Laura Marie & Ashley), La Femme GNS (Digit), In4mation (Jessica), Twelvebar (Nick), 10.Deep (Meka), Mike (Scott) and Green Label Art (Hawaii Mike & Nat).

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Enuff talk, peep the pics after the jump…

Camp Beverly Hills booth…



The Twins & YM

On to the food court to get some lunch…

Lunch @ the Food Court – Cheeseburger & Fries with a Diet Pepsi haha

Ashley, Me & Laura Marie @ DimePiece – great meeting you guys finally! Stay tuned for a preview of their new collection, its super cute!

Jessica @ In4mation – always good to see ya!

Me & Digit @ La Femme GNS (Greedy Genius) – long time no see, missed ya! Stay tuned for a preview of the new La Femme GNS collection, its dope!

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