Target Designer Sale on Gilt: Tucker, Mulberry, John Derian

Photos courtesy of Target & Gilt

I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding Target’s latest collaborations: Tucker by Gaby Basora, Mulberry and John Derian, here’s a quick update that you all will LOVE! For the first time, Target has teamed up with one of my favorite shopping sites,, for an exclusive 36-hour preview shopping event of select pieces from Target’s newest designer collaborations. Mark your calendars, starting on Friday, August 20th (12pm EST) you’ll be able to shop the collections before it hits Target stores and! I can’t wait! Are you excited? If you need an invite for Gilt, click here.

In case you miss the sale, no worries the designer collaborations release dates are as follows:
> John Derian for Target [September 5th]
> Tucker by Gaby Basora for Target [ September 12th to October 17th]
> Mulberry for Target [October 10th to December 24th]

UPDATE 08.19.2010:
Check out the lookbooks for Tucker by Gaby Basora and Mulberry that will be available for sale on Gilt!

More pics from the collections after the jump…

Tucker for Target

Mulberry for Target

John Derian for Target – full collection preview here


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  1. Hey Nitrolicious, how bout boycotting Target until they stop funding organizations that condone violence towards gays?

  2. Any info on fabrics for the Tucker collection? I'm crossing my fingers and praying then went for cottons and silks and not polys.

    • Me too! I always think the collections look cute online, but in person the materials ruin it :(

  3. the Bayswater is really cute! it better not be the only one from the collection.

  4. I know where the majority of my next paycheck is going! LOL, but so true!

  5. Don't you get $10 or something when people register for Gilt through your invitation and buy something? Should you mention that beforehand?

    • lol. You actually get $25 credited to your account when they have brought something. I was thinking the same thing. It seems like she is doing the people who get "invited" into this 'exclusive' thing, when in fact she gets paid for it.

    • it might be 25 actually.

    • the money could go to server cost like how the gilt invite button for did (when they had gilt as an affiliate)

  6. All the collections look so fabulous! You should also feature the Poketo for Target Collection in here too though. It's so adorably cute! I love it!
    Target link:
    Poketo link:

  7. OHHH PLEASSSEEEEE about the credit, every effing BLOG does it, no one forcing YOU to click on the link and join! LOVE the mulberry bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We're talking about honesty, JEN! Mind your business… I'm already a member so don't need anyone's miserable invite. I love this blog, was just saying…

  8. exciting! Mulberry x Target!

  9. I'll take the Mulberry for Target bag in every color!

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