Zara Woman May 2010 Lookbook

Photos: Zara

Another nicely styled Zara lookbook, love so many pieces especially this Miu Miu-esque cat print romper, long brown maxi skirt, “bubble” pants and white tassel top. Love the subtle and casual looks, colors are muted: cream/ivory, tan, brown, black, denim and pretty floral prints. Look out for the pieces next month at Zara, I’ll be there.

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  1. wow can someone say….101 miu miu knock off??? i mean i understand being "insprired by" but its literally the same cats and colorway…

  2. Yeeeep. That's a pretty blatant knockoff. But, you know, it's still pretty cute…

  3. cute collection, I can't wait to shop it. i agree with the complete miu miu knock off. they can sue

  4. beautiful collection. love every single outfit!

  5. why aren't you posting the men's stuff anymore? :(

  6. I just wish they had an online store. The nearest zara here is an hour away.

  7. That's ridiculous. I wouldn't blame Miu Miu if they decided to sue them. Don't get me wrong, I am so tempted to buy it, but that's just wrong.

  8. i love the pants in looks 5 & 7!

  9. the first is reminds me of miu miu…def miu miu lol. I WANT it though.
    i wish they had an online store too. :( by the time i get to SF or whenever I do, they are always out of stock on anything good.

  10. We already have this collection here !

  11. i saw the miu miu esque dress in stores in the US. its costs 40$ and it runs large. it is a disapointment however.

  12. i agree with the knock off comments, i was just reading another blog about the whole jeffrey campbell, acne thing, what happened to creativity and being original, i would never want to be known for knocking off someone elses genius…

  13. its not the knockoff thing that bothers me so much, im just not into the clothes!

  14. im surprised anyone would wear this especially retrogirl..its kind of embarrasing, if id see it on the street on sb id be laughing about gee the person has no idea this is a shitty knockoff..its like all those fakey lv;s:(

  15. the last one is soooooo céline ss10. can't be bothered by the striking similarity between this and miu miu. don't like cats anyway plus h&m used a similar fabric/print last year if i'm correct.

  16. I don't know why you all are so bothered by the fact that Zara reinterpreted Miu Miu's design. Zara has made fortunes and will continue to be successful because of it's positioning as a Fast Fashion retailer.

  17. Re: The cat dress. I feel like it is different enough that Miu Miu can't sue the company, but it fills the want for those of us that want to participate in the trend for less than $100. This is what Zara does best and they've been doing it for years.

    Also, the dress is already in stores (in Atlanta anyway), the collar is separate and it is priced at $39.90. Go get it girls!

  18. Not all of us can spend thousand of dollars on a piece of clothing. If I could afford Celine, Miu Miu or A. Wang, I certainly would buy the original. But life didn't turn out this way, so I'm off to Zara after work.

  19. I really like the first cat-dress ??

  20. does anyone know the models name?

  21. Frankly, I love the Miu Miu knockoff. It's so frustrating and tiring to see so many designers pay say, $500 to make a dress and then mark it up to a cool $3,000 when it hits the floors at Saks. I am sick of it and my money will definitely be going to Zara once I try on that dress tomorrow.

  22. i dont think u need to wear knock offs to look nice and stylish, just because u dont have money for a miu miu dress u dont have to wear this cheapyness…i dont think it teaches us the right thing, because after buying this dress the person will go and get himself a fake mu bag with it at a random market..

  23. They're smart, making clothes that look just like the ones we can't afford!

  24. They're smart, making clothes that look just like the ones we can't afford!

  25. Got that cat dress the other day, might return it though seeing as EVERYONE'S gonna have it :(

  26. how much is the dress

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