Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim for Target [Release Reminder]

Sunday, April 18, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Just a quick reminder that the two newest accessory collaborations from Target, Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim hits stores and today (April 16th)!

The Cynthia Vincent for Target collection reinvents Vincent’s renowned style by updating with embellishments and hardware for a collection that is sophisticated and fashionable. The collection consists of wedges, flats and gladiator sandals in a range of bright and classic hues, prices range from $24.99 for flats to $29.99 for wedges and heels! Total steal! You can check them out on my feet here.

The Eugenia Kim for Target collection is the first hat launch in a series of limited-time-only accessory designers at Target, featuring a range of hats that are on-trend and functional that fit into any budget. Inspired by Havana, Cuba, the collection includes cloche, fedora, sun-hat, bucket hat, newsboy and pillbox silhouettes using woven and printed fabrics with various embellishments. Prices range from $14.99 to $19.99.

Scoop them up quick if you want them, these won’t last long especially the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges! Since I got a sample of the Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedge in black already, I’ll be ordering a yellow pair on today! Let me know if you guys picked up anything!

Check out the full lookbooks below:
> Cynthia Vincent for Target
> Eugenia Kim for Target

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35 thoughts on “Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim for Target [Release Reminder]

  1. are the sizes true to what they should be? i really want the black wedges and i am afraid of getting them either too big or too small!

  2. They weren’t actually supposed to be released until tomorrow (April 18th) however the Cynthia Vincent collection IS available today. You can’t search for them within the Target site but if you google them the live Target links do come up and they are available to purchase!

    I got the wedges!

  3. I bought the print wedges in the store on Friday, and they are super comfortable and definitely true to size. I also just ordered the black and yellow wedges! Can’t wait until they arrive. 🙂

  4. Just got the cognac, yellow and black wedges (couldn’t decide on which color and, hey, they’re only $29.99!). Can’t wait to test them out.

  5. i got the black eugenia kim fedora last week at my target (for some reason they had the stuff out way early). unfortunately my target didnt have the plain straw fedora. i want that one as well.

    i wasnt too impressed with the cynthia vincent shoes that were instore.

  6. Ordered the yellow wedge and black fedora at 3am and just woke up and both are sold out…sheesh glad I made that order

    I doubt any targets in Seattle area have my

  7. They are all sold out on the website uggghhhh! I waited patiently for these to launch. Does anyone know if they will get more?

  8. I, too, am bummed that they are sold out, but not sure if they have even made it into the stores here in Cali (referring to the gladiator wedge). 🙁 Most it the reviews i saw were out in tx and maine, but none for Cali.

  9. went to the store and they only had the cognac wedges, they said they never had the black. i love them but really want the black . I will have to go to the all the targets near me, I have like 5 within 15 minutes from me!

  10. I got the white studded sandals online, I get out of work in an hour so I hope my store still has some wedges and the teal fedora!

  11. i got the cognac wedges online but i desperately want the black wedges!! ive been refreshing the target page all day long and they restocked a few times but it was in sizes that were too big for me(im looking for a 6.5). i called my local targets and they dont have them on the floor yet. they told me to check back later in the week because they might have some so hopefully i can get the black ones. however, i heard from someone that the black wedges were an online only deal. do you guys think they will restock the black anytime soon??

  12. i called my local target which is in cali and they do not have any of the shoes out on the floor yet. checked out some of the other targets in my area and only copped the multi colored wedge. i’m guessing the gladiator wedges are still to be put out on the floor when those sell out =/

  13. Got my plain straw fedora on now!

    I asked an employee if the Cynthia Vincent line came in (since clearly they had Eugenia Kim), and she said she had no idea what I was talking about. >_> I would understand if she was a red shirt, but she was a red jacket. Incompetency at its finest.

  14. Just checked and low and behold they had a size ten in the black! Now I have the black and yellow wedges….I really hope the ankle strap isnt an issue for me since that is what most of the reviewers are bitching about 🙁

  15. A manager of the shoe/clothing merchandise section said that the black wedges were online only. She showed me the catalog they get with each collection and I did not see black. I suppose the black wedges were online only…

  16. My Target didn’t put them out early. But they did have some today. A very small selection one for each size (no tribal prints, no flats, only sandals and brown wedges).

    I was lucky enough to get the brown wedges in my size. However, I noticed my Target is getting notorious for putting things out later or just get A LOT of returns of items I original missed. Or maybe its their way of avoiding a mad rush the day of release. Either way I’ve very disappointed that the black where only online. Seems like a very odd move.

  17. for anyone in cali (los angeles area) I was able to find the printed wedges in the duarte Target, there were 2 pairs left
    I’ve been to 3 different targets and none have had the gladiator wedge unfortunately

  18. I got the cognac but am desperately looking for the black wedges…would anyone be willing to look for an 8 in the black for me?? or have a pair they are willing to seel?

  19. i really want the yellow gladiator wedges. has anyone seen those in a size 6? i live in southern cali? i was able to snatch a pair of the multi colored ones- super adorable and funky!

  20. hi to the Alex above who wants a pair of black wedges in size 8. i bought the black pair and a cognac pair and want to sell the black ones!! leave your e-mail or something here and we can talk!!

  21. i got the brown wedges in a 6 outside of detroit. i am usually a 7 but surprisingly these fit pretty comfy. i can’t wait to wear them out. they really had nothing else in the store though unfortunately. didn’t even see any hats.

  22. To me, it sounds like Target is going through a marketing crisis and its involvement in internet social media. In two years, they go from refusing to work with “nontraditional social media”( ) and basically sending the message as quoted in the article, “Target to the blogosphere: you’re irrelevant” – to being surprised at collections selling out because now they are marketing online, and in the ultimate change of heart, to even hosting a blog themselves. I never would have known about these collections (including the Liberty of London one) without nitrolicious (thanks!), and I’ve stalked the Liberty of London, Rodarte, Cynthia Vincent, and Eugenia Kim collections thanks to the stuff available online.

    For those who are interested: this LA Times article states that only the cognac colored Cynthia Vincent wedges are available in stores, while the black and yellow ones were only available online.

    “Case of the missing Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes”

    “If Target is going to continue its strategy of whipping shoppers into a frenzy every few weeks over a new designer collaboration, it’s going to have to deliver.”

  23. Oh hellz no, I just got my yellow wedges in the mail and they are JACKED up! Black marks all over them and they look used. I am returning them ASAP

    So pissed and hope when the black wedges arrive they aren’t all scuffed up.

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