Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedge [A Closer Look]

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Many of you seem to be very excited about the Cynthia Vincent for Target collaboration, I am too. A couple months ago, I was invited to Target to preview the collection and was amazed at how nice the shoes turned out. Editors were gifted a pair of choice so I went with the black wedge which I received a couple weeks ago. Wore the wedge out yesterday and they’re so comfy, everyone loved it and looks more expensive than $30! Cynthia Vincent totally knocked off her own shoes for the Target collection, must get! Here’s a closer look at the wedge, do you like?

> Cynthia Vincent for Target Collection [April 18th]

Outfit: H&M Organic Cotton Top, Privacy Wear Jeans *cut to shorts* (courtesy of Privacy Wear), H&M Polka Dot Tights, Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses (courtesy of Sunglasshut) and Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedge (courtesy of Target)

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19 thoughts on “Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedge [A Closer Look]

  1. ok four styles were available at my local target:

    – two colors of strappy flats (not the studded ones that were previously posted on nitrolicious; a big “meh” especially in regards to the shitty pleather)
    – the neon patterned wedges (adorable and true to size and comfy)
    – the strappy hells in black (as preivously posted on nitrolicious)

    i asked an employee if they were expecting more and she said she “didn’t know”… so perhaps, yes, the other wedges will only be available online? or else slowly rolled out by target at a later date?

  2. Are the Cynthia Vincent’s already coming out in Target stores?? based on the last comment from Eloise, it looks like they are?!

    Do you happen to know if ALL Target locations are planning to receive the Cynthia Vincents or just some locations?

  3. how will i be able to purchase this show? do i just go to target and look for them or do i have to order them online?

  4. Some of the Cynthia Vincent collection was available at the super Target near me. I’m so glad I decided to check it out instead of waiting until the April 18th release date. They had cognac wedges, black gladiator flats, and that black heel only. I got a pair of the strappy wedges in Cognac. They fit true to size, are made of synthetic leather, are comfy (have cushioned insoles), and gorgeous! : ) So happy! Hope this helps.

  5. Just picked up the cognac wedges at my local suburban Target; i wear a size 7 in most shoes and I got a size 7 in the wedges – they fit true to size and are very comfy, but the ankle strap is a little loose on me – and it is not adjustable. Despite the lack of ankle support, the front of the shoe is snug enough that I won’t trip and fall on my face. The synthetic leather is pebbled so it doesn’t look super cheap. If you look really close, you can see some of the adhesive they have used to put the shoe together. But all in all, not too bad for $29.99! My store didn’t have the black or yellow wedges, but I think they may have had some of the flat sandals.

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