H&M May/June 2010 Product Preview

Thursday, April 1, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Photos: H&M

The weather has been acting up lately in NYC, non-stop rain and it has been pretty chilly. But we’re finally getting nice weather today and the rest of the week! Can’t wait till it’s going to be warm everyday so I can just walk out without a jacket. Check out the new products that will be hitting H&M stores in May to June, some products may be in stores already- I’ve seen a couple of things. And for those that have been loving my clear plastic necklace (see here), they’re releasing the same one again but in smoke- must get that too!


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14 thoughts on “H&M May/June 2010 Product Preview

  1. i saw the yellow leopard print dress at the store, loved it! but when i tried it on, it’s really see-through…is it meant to be beach wear??? anyone bought it?

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