Coach Fall 2010 Collection Preview

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Two weeks ago I posted a preview of the Coach Poppy Fall 2010 collection, now here’s a look at the main Coach collection. For Fall, the collections looks to have “grown up” a bit with more structured bags and less prints which I’m a fan of. The bags are simple and “clean”, also love the clogs in the collection especially the faux fur leopard pair. Lots of great stuff coming. The collection will release at Coach stores and starting on July 1st.

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12 thoughts on “Coach Fall 2010 Collection Preview

  1. I will admit that I covet that feather clutch….but everything else is pretty standard Coach. Kind of boring for my taste.

  2. I have to agree, pretty standard besides the feather clutch. I am not in love with the studded stuff. I was hoping for more rich colors, besides just browns!

  3. Usually not a fan of Coach, but I love the leopard clogs also. However, I had a pair of Coach clogs as a teenager and had my most embarassing fall-in-front-of-everyone moment because of them. Be cautious, girls…They are not fun to walk in and I am used to heels.

  4. yawn… and I’m sorry, but, clogs are NEVER cute. I don’t care how “comfy” they are (same goes for Uggs and [shutter] crocs)

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