Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2010 Collection [Available Now]

Back in January you’ve seen a preview of the Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2010 collection and to my surprise Payless actually released these talon-heeled shoes that were featured in his Spring 2010 runway show. It’s a good thing because I wasn’t feeling the toned down pairs as much these. But if they are too outrageous for you, the toned down pairs are also available for sale for $34.99 each. The talon-heeled shoes features a 5.5″ heel height with 1″ platform, loving the height and the best thing is cost only $79.99. The shoes are currently available exclusively on in a full size run, cop them quick before they sell out!

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  1. how did you get 20 percent off??????

  2. omg!!!! but they only have the blue and beige :( whomp whomp where is the pink

  3. Thank you so much! If I hadn’t checked your blog I wouldn’t have known and would have missed it like always.

    Just ordered the blue and beige pair with 20% off too. Awesome! Again, thanks

  4. I think they are hideous. That heel makes them look like some animal claws. Hate it.

  5. These shoes have been widely reviled as hideous, regardless of what a press release says.

  6. 31001 to get 20% off

  7. dang i looked to late :( i got 15 percent off thank Puffy :) i bought the blue ones now what to style with them for the bad girls

  8. I tried to order a pair earlier, and they don’t have my size. They’re selling out quickly! I hope they restock.

  9. BOOOOO, they don’t ship to Canada!


  10. Sold out :(

  11. They have them back in stock as of 9 am eastern time. so grab them while you can. Already saw one of the shoes on ebay being sold for $168.50…crazy!

  12. do dey run small in size?

  13. First he knocked off Louboutin, now he knocks off McQueen. Pass.

  14. Siriano showed his collection one month before McQueen. FACT CHECK @SHEBA

  15. cathy, I think you’re right.
    Also, I ordered a pair of the cut out with the ankle cuff yesterday. I also got mine for 20% off.

    • how and where did you get them?There is not a link to purchase them on ever have more.I need a pair for mothersday. please help if you can. thanks

  16. damnn do they have anymore… i want them sooo bad!

  17. please tell me how i can order them on-line not having any luck

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