Jean Paul Gaultier for Target [Available Now]

Sunday, March 7, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Photos: Target

Finally a new collaboration has released, the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection is currently fully stocked at! Scoop them up before they sell out, I just ordered the Trench Coat and the Leather Moto Jacket can’t wait to get them! Will post pics when I receive them. Are you planning to get anything? If yes, what?

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30 thoughts on “Jean Paul Gaultier for Target [Available Now]

  1. im gonna get the green dotted dress and maybe the anchor tee if they have it instore…
    gonna be in new york tuesdays!

  2. Just went to order the trench coat and its sold out!!! Like Seriously!?! I am sooo pissed doubt I’ll find it in the store. WTF did they only put like 2 online?

  3. @sasha, it depends on the item. the shirts are in women’s size, the dresses are in Junior’s dresses and so is the pinstripe short.
    I wear sz 4/6, and small fits perfectly for shirts. size 5 in dress fits. I guess it depends on how big the chest is and whatnot.

  4. Wow. Once again a total dogfight to get this stuff online. I’m a little scared to see how fast the Zac Posen stuff goes because I liked a lot of it better than this stuff. Managed to get the anchor tee before it sold out…only had to wake up at 4:00 to get it…

  5. Saw everything in store. The material is awful! In everything! All the dresses feel like shower curtain material. While the cotton clothes where a bit stiff.

    The only plus is the fit. Everything was true to size. I’m very disappointed.

  6. Some of the materials *did* feel strange. I managed to find a super cute puffy skirt yesterday! I didn’t even have to go today.

  7. I dislike this collection so much! I work for Target and got a peek before it hit the stores…and the quality is not worth it! Anna Sui is still my fav collabo..but totally anticipating both Liberty of London and Zac Posen!

  8. I live in NY and stayed up until around 3 am to see they started to upload the merchandise online. I never waited for the Target designer collab to debut on its site before. The countdown was over after midnight but they started to sell after midnight PST! I almost gave up on the navy/red tattoo leggings. I’m glad I stayed up! They better look good in person! Now I’m preparing myself to stay on the line for Liberty for Target pop-up shop. Urgh too many collabs in one month lol!

  9. @alnike86, I was thinking the same thing about Zac Posen too. I think that more stores will carry Posen’s line but the online stuff is going out of stock faster with every collection. I’m in Minneapolis and even the flagship store didn’t have everything that I wanted from JPG! I will stay up all night if I have to for Zac Posen!

  10. Agreed. Much of the materials seemed really cheap. I did get the green dress because the fit was great and I liked the blue floral print with the insects on the skirt, but that was about it. The trench coat, leather jackets, and ice blue cocktail dress were cleaned out by the time I got there– and I only got there ten minutes after opening!– no doubt by those awful e-bay scalpers.

  11. the anchor shirt was sold out when I got to it…clearly I’m going to need a game plan to get all of my Zac Posen items

  12. I think this is easily the worst designer collaboration so far–including GO International. The materials are awful and most of the stuff is tacky and out of style. Didn’t even mind this time that the ebay sharks were hoisting armloads of it at the store. I can see I’m gonna have to get up super early for Zac P…this is getting crazy!

  13. I agree with the commenters who were disappointed. I’m much more excited about Posen’s collection. I browsed the JPG items when they became available online at midnight, and then went to the store on Sunday to see them, but bought nothing. I found this collection to be my least favorite in terms of prints, fabrics, and silhouettes. It wasn’t even enough to warrant my typical fitting room review with photos. I’m looking forward to Liberty of London, Zac Posen, and Cynthia Vincent.

  14. I bought the trench and the dotted green dress, but i don’t know if I’m going to keep the trench.

    I was disappointed by most of the collection- the fabric was horrible!

  15. I was totally looking forward to this collection…I even wrote a blog post about it, so you can imagine my disappointment when I actually went to Target to check out JPG. The materials look and feel cheap…I was not impressed. And JPG is one of my favorite designers! I’ll have to cehck out the Zac Posen collection everyone’s speaking of…I hope its much better than the JPG one!

  16. I only bought the motorcycle jacket didnt see the trench. I think most stores have different items. I didnt like any of the clothing.

  17. This line reminds me of what Anna Sui did for Target-just rehash some old designs in cheaper materials. I feel like JPG just copied some of his old ugly 90’s stuff, BFD! At least Rodarte did a whole fresh concept for Target customers.

  18. What a disappointment! Apparently the line NEVER made it to the Target stores.
    All hype and nada to be ordered or seen!
    Linda Loo

  19. At my Target in SLC, no one ever looks at these designer collections and they literally go on clearance here. More than half of the Anna Sui collection went on clearance (and there were only two people looking besides me on the day they came out), and I didn’t even get to look at the JPG stuff until 2 on Sunday and there was almost nothing bought – nothing! I got the coral necklace shirt (which can’t really be worn alone) and found a Rodarte skirt for *gasp* $7.49! No joke! Not to rat out my good shopping fortune, but if you live near here, the Target almost always has the collab pieces, in every size, pretty much until they go on clearance in a month.

  20. Im late on responding to this article, but I ordered two of the safari jackets on line M and L just because I wasnt sure of the fit for my daughter… I received them last week and because shes larger in the chest are we opted the fit of the large for her its a nice jacket not as detailed as it is in the picture of the model wearing it none the less Im happy with it shes been dying for a jacket that color so ive been debating on returning the medium size or maybe sale it for the store price i didn tknow the jacket would sell out so fast but the targets in VA didnt sell out of the motorcyle jacket or the trench.

  21. HELP!!! I was lucky enough to get the caramel leather jacket when it came out. I was at a bar last night and someone stole it!! Please help me find where I can get another? It was my most MOST favorite jacket… I'm devastated and desperate…. help please?

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