Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour Collection


In January I reported that Chanel will be launching a new long-lasting and hydrating collection called Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour. Last month I received the Rouge Coco collection which consists of 30 shades, each named for a part of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s life, such as Mademoiselle, Camelia and Paris, perfectly placed in a little black box. Each lipstick retail for $30 and is currently available at Chanel stores and French actress Vanessa Paradis is featured in the ads.

I’m usually a lip gloss girl but these new lipsticks are so tempting I’m going to try a couple of this weekend, there’s bound to be a perfect shade or two for me. Many thanks to Nadine/Chanel for the new lipsticks!







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  1. Kind of jealous! I love lipstick in the many shades of red, and particularly by Chanel. It’s my staple!..enjoy :P

  2. I wish I could wear red. That color is GORGEOUS

  3. the red looks amazing!

  4. Lusting after this!

  5. Wow jealous! Lucky ducky

  6. oooooh. i would love a big box of red chanel lipstick! actually, a big box of ANYTHING chanel is good by me :)

  7. So gorgeous!!

  8. OMG Love all those red lipsticks!!!! I’m kinda broke so I have to hold off on them now, would be great if you could do a Chanel lipstick giveaway tho’ ;)

  9. AWKN SO LUCKY. send me one? hahaha share the love!

  10. what’s the name of the red lipstick featured on the picture?

  11. Hey can someone please tell me where I can get this box set from

    Kind regards

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