Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2010 Collection Preview


Back in October I posted a sneak peek of the Christian Siriano for Payless spring 2010 collection, from the looks of the shoes they were quite disappointing and toned down from the pairs he sent down the runway. But SheFinds has another preview of the spring collection and it looks exactly like the ones that were on the models in his spring 2010 runway. According to the site, the shoes hit stores in mid-March and will retail for $79.99 each. I’m not sure what to believe until I see them hit, cross fingers because I do love these! Thanks to loyal reader lucy92 for the tip.

Do you like these talon-heeled shoes more or the toned down pairs you’ve seen earlier? Bigger pics after the jump…

UPDATE 03.09.2010: The collection is currently available now!




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  1. I will definitely try to get my hands on at least one pair .. I love them!

  2. & I love these wayy more!

  3. These appeal to me much more, as they are definitely edgier than the pared-down ones.

  4. wow i definitely love these more too. hope to get my hand on a pair

  5. these are super cool

  6. A little worried that the people that shop at Payless wouldn’t think twice about buying shoes that are over 25 bucks. These are cute, but I’d rather see them somewhere else that’s got the ideal demographic.

  7. does anyone else think they have a hint of Alexander Mcqueen?

  8. I won’t believe it until I have them in my hands! I don’t trust Payless after what they did to his first collection of shoes…

  9. We shall see, but of course the heels will be 2″ shorter and the toe more rounded out with less edginess…sigh

  10. Oh my gawd at the blue and the nude. I hope these are comfier than the earlier ones!


  12. Wait, am I the only one who thinks these are hideous little mcqueen rip offs?


  13. They did remind me of McQueen as well immediately. But for $80 you can’t go wrong with these.

  14. Ok you guys, this is a rip off of the Alexander McQueens!!!
    Having said that, I would TOTALLY buy them. that’s the closets to AMcQ that I will ever get :-(

  15. Christian showed these in his fashion show before McQueen showed his. These came first so how are they a McQueen rip off?

  16. the shoes are already online BUT they’re ALL pretty disappointing…

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