H&M Men’s Spring 2010 Look Book

Monday, November 23, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Peter Gehrke

H&M released its spring 2010 look book, spotted on ModeMan, featuring model Tyler Riggs in a whole new look. H&M is expanding its men’s line with more trend pieces that were seen on the runways. Spring offers more daring pieces like skirts, harem pants, fringe, ethnic prints and tie dye, along with classic cuts like blazers, dress pants, leather jackets, button down shirts, jeans, grandpa sweaters and vests. Stay tuned for the women’s look book, up next…

Do you guys think you can pull off the skirt look like Marc Jacobs?

UPDATE: H&M Women’s Spring 2010 Look Book, peep it!

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35 thoughts on “H&M Men’s Spring 2010 Look Book

  1. i love it alll and would kill to see guys actually wear the skirt and the harem pants.
    i kind of want the skirt and amazing scarves for myselfff<3

  2. Men in harem pants, absolutely a hit! It’s time for men to dare more! Harem pants are super comfy and I think deep inside men are jealous at us women and actually are longing for harem pants. Similar pants have been worn by men around the world for centuries. Nothing strange with that.

  3. Yes it's time for men now to be something different than guys in grey pants and jackets.

    We want something else to wear than trousers, or jean. I think that if we could find some surprising and different clothes in shops we could enjoy making shopping too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. i think it great that a decent clothing suplyer has finaly decided to do skirts for men i have been wearing skirts for years and will most likly buy one if i can find a H&M store i live in puerto rico so could be dificult to do.

    i hope they catch on as skirts are much more comfey than pants or shorts

  5. wow, i like many things off that lookbook!!! the colors, patterns, accessories (wow @ the scarfs!) and t-shirts (especially the details) look GREAT! and yeah, it’s cool to see “different” things for guys like the skirt and the harem pants =). be brave huh ;D. i’m already lookin forward to spring and finding them things in stores… but i wonder where these/the special things like the harem or the colourful scarfs/shirts will be available… maybe in dรผsseldorf?

    greetings from germany and have a good 2010!!! happy new year to all australians =D

  6. you are all retarded. h&m is retarded for thinking that any guy would look good wearing a skirt. i as a guy would NEVER be caught dead wearing a skirt and the only kind of people who should wear anything CLOSE to a skirt are people who eat haggis in scotland.

    • I understand your frustration, but you are in a public forum. Maybe you should have some manners and express your opinions more appropriately. I am in favor of everyone having their own personality. Apparently you want everyone to be a clone of you..well welcome to reality doesn't work like that.

    • your right men don't need to wear something that will only fly in the face of women that want to have sex with you. I say keep your pants on and avoid the women save yourself from having sex and getting some disease that they carry .

      • well men would be stupied to wear skirts only to have to have a purse because there are no pockets for your wallet .

  7. Sorry Michah but you are the one here who is en retard so to speak, I can’t wait for these to come to the stores. Guys have wanted to get back to wearing skits for a long time. Some do now, but the rest of us are waiting for the heard. After that it will be a stampede.

  8. As with most press stuff, keep in mind that most (if not pretty much all) stuff will be part of the Trend line, which only flagship H&M’s are likely to get. The beige jacket, kilt/skirt, scarves and T-shirts I’m 99% sure are Trend.

  9. Micah, it’s your problem that you feel as a guy and never would cought dead wearing a skirt. But it is absolutely rediculous to judge how a man could look in a skirt because I imagine you never saw one.
    It is impressive what men can find for excuses NOT to wear something new or what is related in their mind to possible female “Stuff”. How about pants? You think that pants make you manly?
    I see a manly man (not a coward) in a skirt because he can show up that he knows what he’s doing, express his personality and look good, much better than in pants. That is a real man for me.

  10. I hope that skirts formen will be not only a trend – nothing can be more boring than wearing every day year-long the same. Uniformes have more style and ‘culture’ than just pants; but skirts have esthetics and elegance as well, and I can’t see any reason why men should not have the same possibilities like women feeling good, comfortable and beautiful.
    I can just recommend that men should take more advantage and go different – in skirts.

  11. The skirt and tights are are the only items from that collection that I would wear. The jacket doesn’t match and would like to see a nice matching jacket to use as a suit for work.

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen the whole collection. I do like the skirts, not the pants part. I hope they are separated from the skirts. It was also recently disclosed that H & M has negoitiated a deal with some sporting good stores (names not discloosed) to carry these lines and some of Mark Jacobs skorts. You need to have a news conference explaining who or what stores will be selling them.

  13. Finally the some good news for the dull men’s fashion. Never those harem-pants I would wear, but the skirt is very nice. I have almost the same model and I wear it very often. People like it, and I would buy this from H&M right away if it would be sold here in Metro-Detroit Area.

  14. I guess James is the one who is gay here. I am a guy who wears skirts regularly and the ladies love to see a guy in a skirt.

  15. Have just spoken to H&M UK Press department who have confirmed that that they will NOT be selling the man skirt as they have withdrawn it from their collection!! ๐Ÿ™

  16. A lot of men just try to hide behind some verbal statements, never heard about that more than 50% of all men on this world still wearing skirts and dresses with different names. Why men looking for any kind of excuses when somebody comes up with skirts for men. Thousands of years men only wore skirts only, were they all “gay”. How stupid! Is a man in pants a man? No! Manly men can wear skirts because they are confident with their sex. Others have to hide in pants, do they?!
    It is just a shame that all what could be knew for men in case of fashion are put in negative order from some people without thinking critical. And I thought we are living in a world with open minded people – sorry, I have to correct myself, I can read we are mostly narrow minded.

  17. Leo, I agree because most men's store carry skirts and kilts. Sometimes you have "to take a loan" in a women's department store for a nice skirt.
    I am wearing a skirt daily [because of a medical treatment – but I'm not telling this to people] and since this time people are much friendly, greeting, want to talk, especially with my wife. One or two times women ask me what's to do to get their husbands in a skirt or kilt.
    That is the reality and truth and does not match what some people try to say in past comments. This comments are showing that they do not have any experience nor can think critically.
    A skirt (and a kilt is a skirt for instance) are the most comfortable garment what men can have for their body – and the healthiest – no doubts.

  18. Ha. I really want to laugh to those individuals who said skirts and harem pants make the real men. But those who wanted to wear these things are desperately trying to be fashion forward and trendy. Skirts have been around since forever, but no regular person wears them as a fashion statement except if its cultural and traditional. Why not wear those 10 years before huh? Overly fashion forward men started wearing these pieces because it is trendy. Don’t say these pieces are “elegant” and make you “brave.” Can you seriously wear them in any formal occasion? That is where pants come in. Let make men wear dresses in the next 2 years and call it fashionable and masculine. I’m just going to stick with classic menswear that will always work in the future and at any age. Believe me it will be out of trend again for these skirts and harems.

    Put some harems or skirts one and look in the mirror. Do you honestly think you will look handsome in them?

    I have to do agree they don’t look horrendous in the pictures because of the great styling by H&M.
    Too bad they don’t have H&M where I live for the other great pieces they offer in every season. ?

  19. Im a Straight, confident and sexy man and I’ve been wearing skirts since I was 13. It may not take off as a regular trend for men to wear skirts. But I love the way they look on me and I neither feel feminine nor do I do it for trend, to make a statement or any tradition. Simply because I like the way it looks.

  20. I bought most of the trend pieces in vancouver… the harem pants, the long sleeve printed shirt, the sequined slime shirt… and COUNTLESS OTHER THINGS! if the skirt was there when i came…. I WOULD OF BOUGHT IT! i have close to 30 trend pieces now!!!!

  21. I have worked at abercrombie for a little over a year now and last year they didn't have a big fall sale until after christmas, but i have heard from other employees that sometimes they have sales earlier if they are not selling a certain amount of clothes that they want to sell.

  22. Ibgo for a lot of thing but not these…well maybe the multi colored suit…and maybe the jeans with the sweater…ok some of it was ok…but NOT the harem pants!!!!

  23. I am willing to wear one if a lady is with me. I would prefer pleated and cororful and not long. I would rather it be half way from my knee to my crotch or a bit shorter. Open toed sandles with toe nail polish to match my lady. I think it would be pretty and I like the idea. GLENN

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