Anna Sui for Target Gossip Girl Inspired Collection Look Book

Friday, June 26, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa looks

I’m sure a lot of you guys have been anticipating to see how the Anna Sui for Target Gossip Girl inspired collection played out, wait no more, The Cut gives us a sneak peek of the look book that has leaked online! Anna Sui’s collection is the second collection following Alexander McQueen in the Designers Collaborations initiative, it is another way in which Target brings an emporium of designers to its guests. There are a total of 19 looks in the collection, inspired by Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa from GG, can you tell who is who from the look book? Some are obvious to me and some are a lil bit confusing.

The collection is slated to hit 250 select Target stores and from September 13 through October 17.

There are a few looks I like, my favorite piece is the white/brown dress with the little blue bow inspired by Blair. Do you like what you’re seeing?

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43 thoughts on “Anna Sui for Target Gossip Girl Inspired Collection Look Book

  1. I love that silver dress that looks like it has spikes of some sorts along the neckline! I’d say that’s definitely a Serena look! She loves her silver and sequins!

  2. i really love a few of these looks… but i will say some of them are identical to pieces in her own collection! i have that turquoise dress (but without the belt attached).. she made it a few years ago. it’s practically the SAME thing. i’m sure the quality will vary but … come on.

  3. oh i think its pretty easy to tell who they were inspired by, just look at the shoes paired with it! blair’s are girly, jenny’s tough, vanessa’s the one in the brown boots, or so i think!

  4. I think the line is cute, but I am very confused on most of those. The Cut lists which ones are for which girl, and I was wrong on quite a few. What is with Vanessa’s color palette?? Brown and orange only?

  5. Love the first dress!!!!! And Bruna Tenario the model, I can see the Japanese blood in her….why Brasilian chics got the best mixed!!! For Target, they’re really beautiful collection. I think the best one aside from Jovovich Hawk, MxQueen, etc….Yay for Anna Sui!!! It’s very her, boho chic.

  6. That Leather Jacket looks soooo good, I hope it is real leather. The rest of the stuff is just OK. I have to see it in person to judge though. Thanks for the sneak peak. You rock!

  7. Love Serena’s looks, especially the black skirt and jacket combo! I would’ve loved to have seen Anna Sui’s do a few of Georgina Sparks’ outfits, though.

  8. The Brown and White dress is the best. I dontsee anything looking Serena inspred though. Jenny and and blair are the easiest to pick out

  9. Thanks for the photos. I like them all, especially the Blair and Jenny looks. The leather jacket looks cool too from the one Serena look. Can’t wait to see the collection!

  10. I’m actually a bit disappointed by this. When I heard the Anna Sui was doing a collection with Target I expected original Anna Sui, not some GG-rehash. The only piece that really pops for me is the gray dress in the first picture. Guess I’ll be sticking to the Anna Sui boutique….

  11. Idk. I think the clothes have a cheap kinda look to them. Like they look like Forever 21 knock offs of designer gear. I know that’s it’s for a chain store collab and all, but I don’t think Mr. McQueens stuff looked like that.

  12. One of the best looking collections so far. Many of the Go collections look like copies of a previous one. These look truly like Anna Sui spent time putting it together. ALL of the pieces look like they work well together and won’t look like everything else in your closet. The only think I don’t like is the little pant set. Yikes! I also wish that the designers would consider that many women like me, are over 40 and would like the length a sqooch longer than mid thigh. Thank goodness I’m short at 5’3, so they hit a little longer on me anyway.

  13. This collection is AWFUL.
    All the lace is tacky and screen printed
    Anna Sui is an AWESOME designer
    but this line is pretty bad.
    there are only 2 outfits i would wear
    and can i just say that the vanessa outfits should be colors other than orange and brown
    the jackets and dress necklines are unflattering
    and the silver dress is very distasteful.

  14. I think it’s odd that all of Vanessa’s clothes are Brown and Orange. but I LOVE Blair’s, I absolutely love all of those dresses.

  15. I can strongly see the resemblance in Serena and Blair’s looks. I dont think Jenny’s outfits portray her as she really is, and as for Vanessa’s looks…..why are they all the same color?

  16. i don’t like this collection. the stuff may look good when blair waldorf wears them, but on there models i think… they look completely normal. not pretty.
    and some of these thing don’t even look like gossip girl. the last 3 ones for example: who – from gossip girl – would wear that? not even vanessa!

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