costume dept. Autumn/Winter 2009 Look Book

Fringe Hoodie & Black Hero Leggings

I’m sure all of you guys know by now that I’m obsessed with leggings and I wear them a lot. I’ve been paying close attention to the Los Angeles leggings line, costume dept., the brand was conceived in March 2008 when Shaun Samson was creating leggings as holiday gifts for friends at home in Los Angeles. Samson soon created a line of leggings that would suit the tastes of every woman, from the extremely zany to the truly stylish. He sourced out fabric which would no longer be produced to ensure only a few of each style was created. Once a style is sold out, it is gone forever. Each style is individually crafted so no two pairs are the same. Perfect, I love unique and crazy leggings that not everyone has. Since its inception, costume dept. has created over 100 different styles of leggings. Since the leggings collection is so successful for Autumn 2009 the fashion line expanded to a full collection and I’m crazy over it. The leggings and clothing are pretty amazing, very unique and interesting, I love all of it! And for those that have been loving my sequin leggings, well costume dept. is releasing some too! Look out for the Fall 2009 collection starting in July at

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Women’s Fringe Hoodie – how amazing is this, I need it!

Fringe Top – HOT!

Bustier Top – HOT!

Global Currency Tee &  Cuff Leggings – HOT

Good and Evil Scarf

Women’s Nude Trench Top

Women’s Black Trench Top

Harem Pants – LOVE!

Good and Evil Leggings – HOT!

Black Abstract Sequin Leggings

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  1. I love fringes!!

  2. i think it looks ridiculous. that’s just my opinion.

  3. has lady gaga seen these yet????!!!!!

  4. I love all of their fringe and juxtapositioning of black and white and theming it ood and evil. Interestingly interesting.

  5. oh my god, is so lady gaga, i saw some pictures of gaga last week on where she looks like this style. ¿She is wearing that brand?

  6. definitely a cute line!

  7. hi, i was wondering where you got these photos from, as i noticed they’re not on the costume dept. website… ? i’d love to get my hands on some of their stuff.

    many thanks

  8. OMG These leggings all RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are they coming out later this year cuz I don’t see them for sale anywhere….
    I WANT SOME HOLOGRAPHIC LEGGINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. holy f! that sequin cardigan is amazing! and those silver sequin leggings need to be in my closet 8D <33
    anyone know where i could purchase these two items?

  10. Where can I buy that Global Currency Tee, I’ve been looking all over for it. I would really appreciate it if you knew where that specific item is sold. Thanks!

  11. hello
    do you know where i can find the purple leggings sequined

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