Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals Fleece Leopard Hoodie

Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Wendy Lam

On Tuesday after work I stopped by the Sneaker News office and got a surprise package in the mail…it was the Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals Fleece Leopard Hoodie that I’ve been dying for! The hoodie is a bit big but it’s only made in one size (medium), so I’m just going to have to work it…perhaps belt it next time I wear it, time to experiment. I couldn’t wait to try it on, everyone at the office was amazed…the hoodie is really funny and cute, looks like a dead leopard skinned haha. The hoodie features an all over leopard print with a head, claws, feet and tail- too cute! I love it, I wonder what reactions I’ll get if I walk out Soho with it on haha! Thanks to KC from adidas!

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Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals Fleece Leopard Hoodie (courtesy of adidas)
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20 thoughts on “Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals Fleece Leopard Hoodie

  1. I salute you if you are brave enough to wear this hoodie in a broad day light in any crowded neighborhood in NYC 🙂

  2. i’m sooo jealous! this thing is soooo cute <3 although i wouldn’t want the back paws hanging off or those claws… if it was just the tail but soo cute you’re so lucky!

  3. OMG i want this SOOOO bad
    i’ve been looking for it all over, but i can’t find it 🙁 plz let me know if there’s a place that i can get it ? even worn ones

  4. have you got tired of it?? i want to buy it for a friend who really wanted it and couldnt get it.. he’d be very very happy if i get it…

  5. this is old but i m still looking to buy that fleece hoodie and i cant find it anywhere, not even on ebay and i am literally loosing sleep over it can anyone please save me?!

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