Matthew Williamson for H&M Women’s Collection [More Pics]


This past Sunday we’ve posted the first look of the Matthew Williamson for H&M women’s collection, more pics of the fab collection has surfaced on Fashionisima [thanks to reader lucy92 for the tip] and Pause. It’s killin’ me seeing the collection piece by piece, I’m dying to see the full range at once! The collection seems to be a combination of Williamson’s previous collections, it looks like the peacock is carried out in a lot of pieces, vivid graphic prints, studs and metallic sheen pieces are featured in the line as well. The collection makes me want to take a vacation where there’s warm weather, the colorful lineup is so fun!

“I wanted to create an urban collection with my brand’s typical patterns and forms. It has been fascinating to search through the archives and select the most iconic garments, and then recast them for H & M.” – Matthew Williamson

The exclusive women’s collection is set to hit selected stores on April 23, 2009, followed by another Summer range for women and men from mid-May. An H&M spokeswoman said the “exclusive” women’s range would be carried in about 200 stores, with the second delivery slated for all of its 1,700 stores.

I’m already eying the buttery soft leather jacket, studded leather vest, sequin dress, studded belts and peacock dress! I wonder if the gold sandals are part of the collection too, they look pretty hot too! Ahhh, I can’t wait! Do you like the line so far?

> Matthew Williamson for H&M Women’s Collection [First Look]

More pics after the jump…












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  1. omg this is literally killing me! lol
    i need it all!!!

  2. The blue jacket + pants look amazing. They remind me of that electrical blue everyone was wearing in the 80s. I hated it then! I like the idea of a peacok theme as well.
    From what I have seen so far think the jumpsuit is my favorite piece. I hope the prices won’t be too high though.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. that belt is so on point, I hope the quality is good too…might have to cop it with the sparkly dress, maybe even the leather bomber, it’s super cute.

  4. I would def rock most of these pieces.

  5. wow….everything is beautiful. If it didn’t cost so much I’d skip work for the drop and cop it all! lol

  6. I am so loving that Fuschia colored dress and the belt. I need to get them.

  7. The studded vest is my favorite. Now I’m excited to see the line in person. Thanks for the photos!

  8. I love most of it. I need the peacock dress. I am obsessed with peacocks! I can not wait.

  9. i NEED that belt.

  10. the line in general is very nice but definitely need that belt!

  11. omg omg omg must. have. all.

  12. peacock dress is hawt and i love the blue suit!

  13. The perfecto and the blue jacket are AWESOME !!! can’t wait to see them in stores… but really can wait to see the prices !! :/

    This is my first comment on your blog, and i’d like to thank you for your amazing articles about h&m, thanks to you, i know if (and when) i had to run to h& m !! :)

  14. I am in love with the entire collection! I never am in to over board color…but i love the combinations and the lines. I cannot wait!

  15. Anyone know the price point of the collection?? It is stunning — Hope it lands in all the NYC stores ……

  16. so nice! i want so many of them. but it’ll be hella expensive :(

  17. I’m only 12 but i really want to become a fashion designer!!! i’ve done modeling and was interested in fashion since i was 2 and loved it since! I just learned who Matthew Williamson was ( no offense) so i googled. *BLUSHING* Yes, I googled… I am madly in love with this man’s- no, in love with this genius’ work! I am currently designing an outfit inspired by his summer 09 collection (and yes, i am 12)! I only pray that one day the world will know me as the world’s youngest fashion designer and one day make a collection with Williamson and others!!!!!!!!!

  18. The collection is amazing and will not be expensive… It will be within everyone’s reach.

  19. Love the fushia dress, the black and pink belt! but we don’t have H&M in S’pore! H&M Guy, will you be able to help me? I can work out some arrangement if you are willing. Thank you.

  20. Wendy, my apologies for posting the above comment. I know I shouldn’t have, but was desperate… But someone up there was watching out for me, cos my friend happened to be in Japan, happened to be in H&M Harajuku and happened to see the items I wanted!!! Yippee!
    Thanks for your informative blog. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the contents.

  21. Wow its sold out in 1-2 hours!And I got a few things!For the next collection Im gonna be there in time !!!!
    and get that yellow silc tunic ect
    Loving the hype around thw whole thing!

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