MAC x Hello Kitty “On The Prowl” Grey Nail Polish

Monday, March 9, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Back in November when I went to the MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty press event I’ve already knew that the “On The Prowl” grey nail polish will be a bit hit, but it didn’t hit me that it would sell out that quickly. I’ve finally took my lazy a$$ to the MAC store on Saturday but was disappointed it was sold out, tried Bloomingdale’s as well but no luck. Twittered for help but it was all bad news, sold out in NYC, LA and Seattle as well. But got one good news, a text message from a friend to come over to pick up a brand new bottle from her since she had a few (thank you). That night I couldn’t wait to put it on, two layers was basically enough but I am restless so I kept moving around so I had to apply three layers to cover my mistakes ha! Love the color and the bottle is super cute too! Now I can officially trash away my other grey nail polish which I hated!

More pics after the jump…

This was when I tried it during the press event back in November 2008. It was love at first sight!

On the model, with a white tip!


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17 thoughts on “MAC x Hello Kitty “On The Prowl” Grey Nail Polish

  1. Nice polish – I love the Hello Kitty stuff – but I’m sorry – can you see that model’s arms??? Give the girl a sandwich!

  2. oh man it wasn’t until I saw your post and someone else’s on Friday did I remember that I hadn’t gotten the polish, went to my local Macy’s and just my luck the girl at the counter told me I got the last bottle. Score 😀

  3. I was unfortunate enough to own the LA Girl Gray polish that you had as well and consequently had to carry the bottle with me anytime I left the house to fix any chips (chips=yuck!) It was terrible! I yearned for a gray polish so bad tho, so I kept it. When “On the Prowl” dropped, I was on Newbury Street right after work to cop it. I love it and I’m glad that you were able to snag a bottle cuz I know first hand what you went thru with that other stuff. lol. YAY MAC!

  4. i didnt like the grey polish. i thought it would make me look sickly.
    i got the hot pink hello kitty nailpolish and i love it!

  5. @kk: i think it was my fault lols, i kept messing up my nails so i had to apply an extra layer. hence the thickness…oops! i need to learn to sit still when i do my nails ha!

  6. Thank goodness I thought to pick up a bottle when I visited my MAC store on the release date! I would have cried if I missed out on this gorgeous color.

  7. I grabbed a bottle a couple of weeks ago at the MAC store in Harlem… Great polish… did a french with a hot pink tip… it was fly

  8. You should have hired someone as a hand model because the first pic is horrible! You looked like you were dead for a while now…bad color and not so pretty nails…sorry

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