Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes Collection – Fall 2009

Photography: Imaxtree

Back in December we’ve posted news about the upcoming collaboration between Christian Siriano and Payless to distribute a line of low-price shoes and handbags for fall 2009. The first look of a sketch of a handbag was shown earlier this month, now The Cut has detail pics of the fierce shoes in the line which debuted at Siriano’s fashion show. The collection of skyscraping heels ranges in price from $25 to $45 and is inspired by Egyptian artifacts with hieroglyphic details and all. The spikey pairs looks a bit inspired by the Christian Louboutin for Rodarte shoes but nonetheless they’re fierce! I’m definitely looking forward to them, I’ll buy them all! Would you buy them?

More pics after the ump…


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  1. If I could walk in them!

  2. they’re all soo nice! do you know when they’ll be coming out?!

  3. these shoes are super fab, im soooo excited!!!!

  4. Happy to see Siriano did not have to lose to much of his personal asthetic designing these beauties. Love the aqua pump, could even get away with these and the ankle boots in the office.

  5. the nymag link seems to have even a few more shoes, they look awesome! I hope payless doesnt cheapen them once production rolls around, that, or theyre going to be super super expensive for payless!

  6. they definitely are fierce! i would buy them all, too!

  7. I wasn’t that big of a payless fan until now.

  8. I love those heels!very fashionable and affordable, which is the cherry on top!

  9. I love it! I wonder if these will be sold at Canadian Payless’?

  10. so wait…those shoes right there r the one for the payless collection?? WOW

  11. I love the booties! Love them all actually. These better show up in Vancouver. I haven’t had much luck with Payless’s other collaborations in the past.

  12. They are gorgeous! I am impressed, and will probabaly get a pair or two!

  13. I think I’ll have to get about four of those styles, even if they are cheaply produced and I can’t walk in them. I ADORE them!

  14. Hot, but worried about the heel height – payless shoes aren’t very high quality and I wonder if you can walk in them?

  15. Not into the brown AT ALL. it literally looks like poo. The turquoise ones, maybe…

  16. @ second becky: I’ve had incredible luck with Payless shoes. Some of my most comfortable heels have come from them.

  17. omg they’re so fierce!!!! Can’t wait!!

  18. those chained booties WILL be mine…. !!!

  19. So FIERCE I luv it.

  20. so we really have to wait until fall for these??

  21. I don’t agree with the other posters.. They’re far from desirable IMHO… I’ll pass..

  22. The designs that will be sold in Payless do not look exactly like these–these are the runway versions. The retail versions don’t have spikes and the heels are less exaggerated. All the features are less exaggerated in general.

  23. so fierce!

  24. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! ;D

  25. No…I thought there would at least be 1-4 comfy shoes there I could wear on weekends with jeans. I am on my feet 11 hours a day, I wanta comfy wedge or a slide. Who can walk in this? Not me!

    grrr..Hope there is more to it than this.

  26. these shoes are amazing but they do not have the same designs in stres when will these be released?

  27. you are talented guy iam from puerto rico and always saw project runway because of you you are fierce.

  28. I have no problem with the shoes, But I’m suprised they would be at payless. Not saying no one would buy them, but no one is going too where I live. Everyone would think their “weird.” I like them though. The shoes look very high fashiona and I love them, but not everyone knows about high fashion and how shoes look.

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