American Apparel Black Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging

Outfit 07.09.2008

I always get the question, “Which pair of American Apparel leggings are you wearing? There are so many pairs at AA, please let me know the exact ones!” There’s only one pair I rock all the time, I own about 10 pairs of the Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging in black! I know its a bit pricey, $26, but they are worth it. They last long and they’re really stretchy, hugs the waist nicely unlike others that slip down when you sit or bend. They’re the only leggings I wear on a regular basis. Love them!

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  1. HIII!!

    this is ann- xplode. it’s been a long time!!! :)
    i lovveee your site!! i always check it since i’ve come across to it.

  2. Those are my favorite! I buy them in bulk.


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)
    Well, i’m always up for paying a little bit more if it means more quality also… The ones i had got a worn look (in a bad way…haha) in just a few washes.
    And the black on those always looks so sharp! Mos def a grab!
    Thanks Wendy!

    (Great hair in the pic by the way!)

  5. what about your perfect gray t-shirt? where did you get?!

  6. is it aa as well?

  7. @cassie: the tee is from the Rogan for Target collection.

  8. Wow, you look stunning in that picture! Love the t-shirt dress ^o^

  9. Just wondering, how tall are you?
    I’ve been looking for a good pair of leggings for myself, and I’m just 5’0″, so I was wondering what these would fit like on me.

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