First Look: Richard Chai for Target


NYLON‘s got the first look at the upcoming Richard Chai for Target collection and it’s looking promising. Lots of purples and staple pieces, I like! I’m anticipating to see the full collection, the Richard Chai for Target collection will arrive in early August when the Target GO International Private Collection 2 departs! How do you feel about the preview so far?

In the meantime, just a reminder that the Target GO International Private Collection 2 will be available this Sunday, June 29th to July 29th! Shop on!

More pics after the jump…




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  1. Really diggin the purple trench!

  2. It looks great…Hope it feels great texturewise in the store.

  3. LOVE. Can’t wait for this one!

  4. This collection is GREAT. Welcome back GO you strayed for awhile but all is forgiven now.

  5. oh no. this looks too perfect.

  6. wow! this collection looks so awesome! much than most of their previous (and current) efforts.

  7. this collection look so expensive, you cannot even tell its a mass merchandise product

  8. so cool i had to post it on my blog! credited you doll! :]

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