Zac Posen for Target AU – April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Target Australia has tapped Zac Posen to design their next Designers for Target collection launching in stores April 3rd (Australia only). This time Target will be stocking a much smaller run in fear of the fate of Stella McCartney‘s line which resulted in it being heavily discounted. According to SMH, the Zac Posen clothes will be available in only 75 of the 276 Target and Target Country stores. The range will be priced from $49.99 for a belt to $299.99 (AU) for a replica of a dress that actress Katherine Heigl wore to the Emmy Awards (see image below). In an effort to drum up hype for the Posen range, only 50 of the the Heigl dresses will be available, a Target spokeswoman said.

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect from the collection, too bad it’s only available in Australia! Thanks to reader Michelle for the tip! Pictures after the jump…

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd

Zac Posen for Target AU   April 3rdZac Posen for Target AU   April 3rd
Photography: Kevin Winter/Getty Images – Katherine Heigl @ the Emmy Awards in Zac Posen

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  1. wow, too bad its only in Australia! and katherine heigl’s dress is gorgeous!

  2. Well, that sucks, considering we never get any ultra glam lines at US Targets!

  3. That’s depressing…. that skirt suit looks adorable! And I had no idea Stella did a line for Target AU

  4. another reason for me to wish i lived somewhere else but here.


  6. If anybody wants me to do a CP, I’m happy to do so. =)

    I live in Melbourne.

  7. gosh, no fair!!!!!

  8. damn, that’s cheap compared to what the Heigl dress must have cost.

    and that trench is beyond cute.

  9. Julia, what is a CP???? If that means you buying one of us American girls something from the Posen line, then god bless you. Let me know what you mean.

  10. Umm… In the college program I am in my group works closely with Target representatives. Target has no international stores. Target Australia has nothing to do with the Target we all know about here in America. They are a knock off of Target. So I really do not know if this is true or if it will just be in the US

  11. I’m sorry, I mean SAMMY!

  12. CP = Custom Purchase!

    Yes, if you girls want anything – do let me know.

    Email: bootylovin @ gmail . com

    And I’ll try my best!! =)

  13. Nikki – Target in Australia is similar to Target in the US.

    It is true that Zac Posen for Target will be available in Australia on April 3.

  14. Officially. Pissed.

  15. I work for Target and am just as disappointed that designers like Zac Posen and Stella McCartney aren’t tapped for the US. I have a feeling about the reason, however. These high end designers demand a certain quality of work that translates into higher priced merchandise. Sadly enough, the general American public may not be open to “expensive” items because Target is considered cheap chic. Therefore, higher end merchandise may not be a profitable venture in the US for Target. *sigh* I hope I’m proven wrong in the future though because I don’t care if it’s out of the typical Target shopper’s price range! I want glamour!!

  16. I have the black jacket from the 4th picture and another white shirt thats lines with blue and red beads with gold leaf decorations. Wish I could of got the trench…they sold out quick fast. I was sooo impressed with the quality of the jacket…it has this wonderful linning…steal for the price i got it.

  17. Hi,
    Could I know, how can I get the red dress please?


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