Anna Sui vs. Forever 21

Thursday, April 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Anna Sui Spring 2007 RTW | Forever 21 Maven Top

As if they care if DVF sues them…Looks like nothing is going to stop Forever 21 from “copying” straight from the runways, its not an exact copy but its close enuff to tell where they got the “idea” from. This Anna Sui striped rose dress from her Spring 2007 RTW collection will go for hundreds but not the Forever 21 Maven Top, it is priced at $17.80. Getting inspired is different from copying near exact the design, its just crazy. I’m sure there are a ton more from Forever 21 but I am not that good at spotting it all, do you see any others that I haven’t mentioned? Thanks for the tip Jesse.


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26 thoughts on “Anna Sui vs. Forever 21

  1. I saw 2 different versions of this patterned dress at forever21 last week. I wanted to purchase one but it didn't look good on me and they were both around $27.90 or something. Really pretty! Makes me wonder where the rest of their clothes ideas come from..

    • Omg I saw that 2 the other day. And I for 1 think it's awesome that there copying ( well not nesicerly " Copying") runway fashion. So many of us love fashion on the runways but there INSANE prices ( no offense Ann Sui) are rediculious. So to walk in a store and see something like that for a way low Price, I'm all for. It's not like there breaking the law or hurting people buy doing it.

      • They are breaking the law and they are hurting people by copying their designs. Every time an artists creates a print it is automatically protected by law from being copied. The Forever 21 design was obviously copied (pretty much identically) from the Anna Sui design. It is damaging to the artist that came up with the design and is not being given credit or being paid for the design. Companies like Anna Sui spend a long time coming up with designs and their artists should be rewarded for their efforts instead of having their designs stolen.

  2. i say good for forever 21. anna sui and designers make it impossible for normal gals to get a hold of their clothes. i work and make a decent living but i can’t buy a shirt for 400 bux. i say, rock the fake sh*t and the like.

    • just because f21 has the similar style doesnt mean they copied the other store. in this world, a lot of people will wear similar fashion and have similar clothes. you cant just say they copied it.

  3. their “woven tube dress” is a clear knock-off of anna sui’s wood-block printed fabrics, done for the same spring 2007 season. other patterns, like the roses and some of their floral effects, are less facsimiles than obvious, unsuccessful attempts at copying. really, now.

  4. I'm a single mom of 2. I work my ass off everday and I try to look good. I don't have all the money in the world. I shop at forever 21. who gives a rat's ass, if they copy off these designers! i mean, i'm sorry if i'm not making six figures a year. lol. everyone can go ahead a spend however much they want on one damn shirt or dress. i don't think i usually buy shirts that are copied off other ppl's designs. shit, i can't tell anyway. i just buy whatever looks hott on me, and wear that shit wherever, and ppl are ALWAYS complimenting me. hell, i wouldn't pay $1000.00 for a designer purse, nor would i rock a fake. i'd rather just not have one at all.

    no matter what i wear, anyway…cheap or expensive- i still look good (even after having 2 kids!)

    but why pay so much? i think it's pathetic. are you THAT UGLY, that you have to fork up a lot for something and you still look ugly in those name brand-designer rags? LOL. ::rolls eyes::

  5. Well I’m from Singapore, and we have a couple of F21 stores here, and I think the reason why F21 is SO hot with girls is cos of the low prices, and the constant support.

    when there’s demand, there’ll supply.

    henceforth, if we want to bring about F21’s downfall, everyone should just STOP shopping at F21.

    however, even if F21 falls, there’ll always be other budget fashion stores, IMO.

  6. this just goes to show that you don’t need a brain to work at forever 21… designing is an art and it’s obvious that integrity isn’t something Forever is concerend about. It’s one thing to be inspired but another to straight hijack…

    of course its always gonna happen and I hope that all the luxury brands out there wins their settlements.

  7. i don’t care if it looks the same with anna sui’s design..why go for that expensive clothing where you can buy fashionable and cheaper clothes in’s the one wearing it matters,not what you wear..gurls need to be practical and wise anyways because we have so many stuffs to buy..

  8. I am an employee of Forever 21 and we are always getting sued by different designers. Sometimes, we have to backstock an item because another famous label designer is prosecuting! I have seen rip-offs of Dolce and Gabbana, Guess, and probably a few more that I can’t think of. The big designers (Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) are selling almost the exact same items for hundreds of dollars, but F21 copies their styles and sells them for way cheaper. Take a D&G dress I saw. I’m sure it was over $100, but our “version” was only about $27.80. It was backstocked for a while (hmm, wonder why???), but later, I think they made it shorter and started selling it again. It really bites for the designers who put in the real hard work and effort to make these inspiring designs, but it’s great for those of us who simply can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars per garment (students, parents, elderly…) Like it or not, F21 will probably always rip other people’s styles, but that’s how they get by. All you can do is congratulate them on a job well done because they really know how to fly uner the radar most of the time and make a huge profit!


  10. I love forever 21 they have great stuff and it’s affordable.
    If you can afford Anna Sui than good for you but for those
    of us who can’t we go to forever 21. Everybody gets
    inspiration from the designers they should take that as a
    compliment. Everybody shops at forever 21 so stop hating
    if you don’t like it than don’t shop there.

  11. I don’t think people should be mad about this. Although Forever21 copies off designers, they make it affordable for those of us that can’t afford really expensive clothing. I mean, if people had the money, they’d probably buy Anna Sui’s, but some of us don’t, so what’s wrong with going to F21 instead? :] <3

  12. i dont understand with forever21, gwen sued forever21, anna sui also, DVF also. whats wrong? they fucking cheap and nice, who wont but them?

  13. I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this article. Look people — no one is telling you to buy expensive designer clothes nor is anyone telling you that

  14. I think a lot of readers are misunderstanding the article. NO ONE is telling you to buy expensive designer clothes, nor is anyone saying that you should settle for the inexpensive or a fake.

    The main point of the article is to make people be aware of how Forever21 copies the clothes of fashion designer’s. It is absolutely difficult to create beautiful, creative and unique clothes while it is extremely easy to take an idea, modify it and sell it as your own… which is what Forever21 is doing. (And no, copying and tweaking an original idea is not considered inspiration.) Bear in mind that fashion designers are also ARTISTS and they take pride in what they’ve created. It is not pleasing to any artist to have their own works stolen by others (so no, F 21 rocks, it is definitely not a compliment). It’s not surprising that the designers would sue. They want their rights to their work!

    Sure Forever21 sells them for a much cheaper price, but they most certainly did not create these designs from the top of their heads. The article proves that they simply “borrowed” an idea from the runway and applied it to their name. By buying the original (though extremely expensive) clothes from the fashion designers, you are supporting THEM.

    Once again, NO ONE is telling you to buy expensive designer clothes, nor is anyone saying that you should settle for the inexpensive or a fake. No one is saying that you should stop buying from Forever 21 or hate the designers who are suing them. The article’s main point is simply awareness.

  15. forever 21 suck! Their clothes falls apart so quickly~! The buttons falls off, The zipper breaks- . THE way I KEEP REPAIRing their messed up clothes when I buy it– I MIGHT as well MAKE my own clothes would be better! Waste of my time repairing and a waste of money buying cheap ass clothes from forever 21. Sure they have nice clothes but damn cheap ass quality! WTF happened to quality?!

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