Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear 2 + LeBron App

Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear 2 + LeBron App

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 by Wendy Lam

For those that are fit and active, the enhanced S Health 3.0 provides a comprehensive personal fitness tracker to help users monitor and manage their behavior, along with additional tools including a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a new, built-in heart rate monitor.

Another neat feature I like is Wi-Fi Direct, it enables Wi-Fi Direct devices to connect directly to one another. This means users on the go can print documents, share data, sync files, and display information on their devices. Products certified Wi-Fi Direct can connect to other wireless devices without joining a traditional wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot. Comes in handy when there’s no service and need to send a file to one another.


Gear 2

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