Giorgio Armani Eyewear Campaign 2013 – Frames of Life

Giorgio Armani Eyewear Campaign 2013 – Frames of Life

Friday, May 3, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Remember when I introduced Giorgio Armani’s 2013 eyewear collections (here and here) to you guys back in February? They’ve just announced their new eyewear campaign, Frames of Life, the eyewear campaign launched in 2010 but makes its return in 2013.

The setting this time is a café in a big city square, with a constant flow of people coming and going: countless stories, all different and each one unique, intertwining to create a completely new narrative. The protagonists of these ‘frames of life’ are: Luc, a writer whose first work has just been published; Carlos, a young barman with a passion for cinema; Nina, a talented cellist seeking her first gig; Lucille and Adrian, two successful young architects. This creates a medley of different stories, hopes, and emotions, tied together by a common element: their Frames of Life eyewear.

The eyewear adds a subtle touch of style to the characters in a way that does not overpower, but compliments their personality. The frames represent the timeless design drawing on the iconic shapes of Giorgio Armani’s revisiting in a contemporary fashion with new materials and colors, artisanal details and innovative technological features.

The new Frames of Life campaign will live in print and on, but also on social media through a series of short video clips that reveal and explore each character as the stories unfold over time.



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