Il Salviatino Hotel | Florence, Italy

Il Salviatino Hotel | Florence, Italy

Sunday, July 11, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Finally had a chance to sit down and edit some photos. Didn’t get a chance to post images of the hotel I stayed in while I was at Florence, Italy for the 10th anniversary online party. As the taxi dropped me off on top of a hill in Fiesole where Il Salviatino was located, I was greeted by my own service ambassador, Stefano, whom basically took care of everything I needed during my stay. I was escorted to one of the Green House Suites where I stayed, the suites were located below the Italian Gardens. I was really impressed when Stefano opened the door to my suite, it was seriously amazing. Besides being over 1000 sq ft, the suite had a private porch area covered with glass with a breathtaking view. The food was really good at the hotel as well, I had lunch there the first day. Although it may be about 20 minutes away from downtown, the view and area was worth it. The hotel also offers a free shuttle to downtown and back, so it was pretty convenient. This was one of the best luxury hotels that I’ve stayed at and besides being all kinds of amazing it was also really clean, relaxing and the service was incredible. Many thanks to Il Salviatino and Luisa Via Roma for the accommodations.

Luisa Via Roma also left a package in my room with a cheeky Toxic Toy T-shirt designed exclusively for their Firenze4Ever blog party. On the front of the tee there was a cute slogan saying, “My blog is bigger than yours!” Fun!

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