H&M September/October Product Preview

H&M September/October Product Preview

Monday, June 1, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: H&M

June has just arrived and now we’ve got the preview of H&M‘s September/October product release, so excited to share with you guys since I know a lot of my readers are H&M fans as well. Lots of cute stuff especially the jackets, faux fur, sequins, lace and studs are big for fall and the shoes are great too. I can’t wait till the products release, check out the preview for women, men and children– lots of pics! Fall/Winter is looking good, expect the products to arrive starting September but we all know most of the time the products arrive earlier than expected, keep a lookout!

> H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Women’s Look Book

> H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Men’s Look Book

> H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Preview

> H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2009 Collection

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