Rogan for Target – Update

Rogan for Target – Update

Thursday, April 10, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Scan via Manila Fashion Observer

Back in March, Rogan Gregory did an interview with Time Out and said his Target collection will be all swimwear. Yesterday I received an email from one of my readers (thanks Vicky) that work at Target, the email goes:

I work for Target and I just wanted to let you know that the Rogan collection may not be just swimwear. I’m not sure why the designer said it was, but there was a tiny article in Target’s magazine for employees this month to the contrary. I don’t have the magazine with me so I’m going off memory, but it stated that the Rogan collection will be an organic clothing line that’s safari-inspired. They even showed a picture of a model wearing a leopard print cotton dress and another wearing a shirt and vest. I think the collection will be coming out mid-May. I would hope that Target wouldn’t give its employees misinformation, but since no other news outlet has released new info about Rogan, I’m left wondering what’s really going on. – Vicky

I was going to wait till Vicky gets a scan of the article to post this up but I just checked TFS and found a scanned ad from the Rogan for Target collection. The collection will be available from May 18th – June 28th, stay tuned for more images! Check out the collection preview here!


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