Outfit 09.08.2007 ~ Out all day…

Outfit 09.08.2007 ~ Out all day…

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 by Wendy Lam

me & Annie

I haven’t went out for the whole day on Saturdays for a hot min already, I normally would either just chill from afternoon till dinner time, then after dinner stay in. Or I would go out for a dinner party at night and go party then go home. Last Saturday, chilled with B, Bro, Shawn and Annie for the entire day, Shawn had work at 6pm so he bounced after lunch. We went shopping, then Pinkberry (me & Annie luv it!), then watched Balls of Fury (bigups to Maggie Q) ending the night with a delicious meal at BondSt. I’ve been to BondSt. many times already, my brother used to waiter/manage there but now he’s at Wakiya managing. Balls of Fury was ok, we needed a laugh but it was more corny than funny luckily our dinner at BondSt. made up for it, review to come.


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