Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Wendy Lam

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I’ve heard about Pinkberry for months now and saw Paris Hilton eating it (I honestly think that’s why it got noticed in the first place) but paid no mind to it. Then I finally paid attention to Pinkberry when my friend (can’t remember who) raved about it, she kept on telling me to try it. I just recently had a chance to taste it, I was always too lazy to hit up 34th Street but luckily one opened in Soho recently. I took B with me to try it on a Saturday afternoon, there’s always a line no matter what time you go. I’m not a big ice cream or yogurt person, but I liked Pinkberry, the original flavor with fresh fruits is perfect, B thought it was OK only. The green tea is a bit too sour for my taste. My favorite toppings are rice cake (super chewy, luv it), mango, strawberry, lychee and blueberry! If you haven’t tried it you should, its very refreshing and fun to look at too! I’ve went a total of two times and matter of fact I’ll prolly hit up Pinkberry this weekend, yummy! If you’re a fan, tell me which flavor and toppings you get! More pics after the jump…

Gettin’ ready to be eaten…wahhaah….

Me: Medium Original with Strawberry, Mango and Blueberry

B: Small Green Tea with Mango and Rice Cake

Annie, Steve (bro), Me/B and Shawn’s yummy Pinkberry…Went again with friends!


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