Hello Kitty x KISS

There is no age limit when it comes to Hello Kitty, she is loved by all ages and people all over the world! Hello Kitty and KISS just launched a super cute collaboration featuring a mix of co-branded products including t-shirts and accessories. Two overarching themes will include “Rock ‘N’ Roll / Rock Mood,” and “1976 destroyer / Street Mood.”  The Fall collection launch which will include a selection of bags, jewelry, stationery, plush and rocker Hello Kitty x KISS t-shirts. Each collection will be available at specialty retailers, including Hot Topic, and Claire’s, Sanrio.com and select Sanrio boutique stores. I love the figures! So cute right?


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  1. I checked sanrio.com and I couldn't find the figurines :( where would I be able to find them?

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