Anna Dello Russo at H&M Lookbook + Price List

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by Wendy Lam

Photos courtesy of H&M

Check out the full lookbook of all the pieces from Anna Dello Russo at H&M‘s accessories collection featuring bold costume jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags, and a travel trolley. “My message is: use accessories like a personal touch, as an amusing way to revitalize your life and wardrobe: you will turn an ordinary day into a sensational fashion week day” says Anna.

Available from October 4, 2012 in around 140 H&M stores worldwide and online. Now that you’ve seen all of it and know the prices, what’s on your wishlist?

Photo above: Shoes $249, Sunglasses $49.95, Clutch $59.95

Bracelets from $34.95, Sunglasses $49.95, Necklace $49.95

Fascinator $149, Shoes $199, Necklace $59.95

Bracelets from $34.95

Suitcase $149, Shoes $249

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7 thoughts on “Anna Dello Russo at H&M Lookbook + Price List

  1. Way too expensive for H&M. Even if its Anna dello Russo, quality is probably NOT what she wears on daily basis. $250 for H&M shoes? I dont think so.

  2. i think I'll only get the alligator bracelet. Bums me out I really wanted the matching necklace, the gator sunnies and all the snake bracelets but the prices are really out of control.

  3. It is pretty expensive for costume jewelry, but I hope they're good quality.

    I was planning on spending my birthday money on a couple of pieces. I REALLY want those croc sunnies.

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