Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knuckles’ iPhone Case

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by Wendy Lam

I’m always on a hunt for cool and interesting iPhone cases, I like to switch it up as much as possible. My friend introduced me to Rebecca Minkoff’s ‘Knuckles’ iPhone Case and I think I may need one! The knuckle rings case is made out of silicone and the fun thing is you can slip your fingers in the holes while you’re on the phone. So fun right? Available in black, pink and purple colorways for $58 at Do you like?



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10 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knuckles’ iPhone Case

  1. So lame in my opinion. The gimmick would get old quickly, and then you'll just have a bulkier phone case with rings sticking out on the side. The finger holes are a novelty and serves no needed purpose. Call me uncool or a party pooper I guess.

  2. actually Ive had this case already for about 6 months and it saves me over and over. its hard rubber so its light weight and fits in most pockets. Ive dropped it multiple times with no breakage, but the best part is being able to hold your phone with one finger and still have your hand free. Im more into classic silhouttes but in this case function outweighs form.

  3. hey, I had gotten this one and a marc one (the pattern is a idk swirly, green/orange/yellow/black). I thought the knuckles would not only be cool looking but convenient. Cool lookng sure, but makes the already big iphone just biggger. To start, I'm A tiny girl with litlle hands, so it realy just takes up my whold hand. Then I will, out of convenience, keep my phone in like my backpocket or my bra (lol!) and the case just makes that impossible.

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