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I’ve only started using eye liner religiously last year, now I can’t live without it. I have oily lids so not all eye liners work on me, pencil eye liners tend to smudge right away and I don’t like the look of it. I like cream and liquid eye liners because it looks smooth and bold. Currently my faves black eye liners are: Clinique Brush-On Cream Eye Liner (as mentioned before here), MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. What’s your favorites? Any recommendations?


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  1. I have the same problem (oily lids) and my life CHANGED when I bought M.A.C's black fluidline. It's really really good, awesome fixation. Guess I'll never buy another one! :} x

  2. I love the pen style liquid eyeliner because it's super easy to apply but I haven't found one that lasts without running dry after a couple of weeks. I want to give that Mac one a go and also Mac's fluidline bottle eyeliner is meant to be really good.


  3. Dior's pen style eyeliner is really great, it lasts AGES, I bought one last year and it still looks full to me, also it doesn't dry.

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