Chloé Susan Studded Ankle Boot

I’ve been debating whether or not to get these Chloé Susan Studded Ankle Boot for a minute now. When the black pair re-released I was so tempted to get them but decided to pass but now this red pair is available and I’m seriously thinking about them once again. The price is $1295 which is pretty steep, I just need to justify it as cost per wear if I get them haha. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? And if you have extra money to spend, get them at


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  1. I seriously love them, but not enough to pay a lot. Here in Brazil, anyway, we have a very famous shoe brand and their "inspired" version (twins, basically, same thing). Anyway, I don't like this whole "inspired" thing when it's obviously a design rip-off. But if you have the money to buy the Chloé ones… Why not? (: x

  2. I say you should. And if you're still not sure yet why don't you get the Jeffrey Campbell one's and if you do end up using them often buy the Chloe ones.

  3. I just ordered thIs version by Office UK, they look pretty good on the website so I have high hopes. I love the Chloes also $1000K+ seems like a lot for red boots that are a bit trendy.

  4. love these shoes..if i had money i would buy both colours haha :D

  5. I bought the cream version back when they were first released (but lucky to get them half price in the sale). I can honestly say I have worn them so much that the price I paid was well worth it. Even contemplating getting another pair at full price because I love them so much.

  6. You can get them at for the european price of € 905 euros….

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