ASOS Cat Ears Headband

Thursday, July 5, 2012 by Wendy Lam

How cute are these ASOS Cat Ears Headbands? The headbands are so fun for the summer, I’m definitely picking up one. Initially I wanted the pearls but it’s sold out but the diamante version is just as cute. For less than $20, it’s the perfect accessory for a cutesy look! Do you like?



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4 thoughts on “ASOS Cat Ears Headband

  1. haha, I have both! Just like you I like the pearl best, but the diamante ones were the first available so I bought them. Had I known they would come with pearls, I would have waited and just bought one pair. I'm thinking of making my own as well, totally black, no embellishments.
    …I sound a bit cat crazy, I'm not really. Just headband crazy 😉

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