Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Collection

Thursday, June 21, 2012 by Wendy Lam

When Kiehl’s invited me to their office for the Aromatic Blends collection presentation I was quite excited. The conference room was transformed to take us on a sensorial journey around the world through the introduction of its efficacious, scented body collection. The source of Kiehl’s ingredients derived from the lush countryside of Provence, a desert oasis in Morocco, the dense jungle of Uganda and the tranquil gardens of Japan. There are four collections within the Aromatic Blends family: Orange Flower & Lychee, Vanilla & Cedarwood, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit and Fig Leaf & Sage. All of them are really good, I especially love the super clean fragrance bottle, it looks like it came straight out of the lab. The Aromatic Blends collection will be available in July.

The Aromatic Blends collection are available in three distinctive forms:

Fragrance- a pure and sensual fragrance crafted with a strong focus on the quality of two unique key ingredients for a simple, clear, yet sophisticated construction. SRP: 30ml: $40.00, 100ml: $75.00, Collection: $55.00

Skin-Softening Body Lotion
–  inspired by the hydrating performance of Kiehl’s iconic Crème de Corps, this superbly hydrating and soothing body lotion is proven to deliver 24 hours of hydration and nourishment to the skin – without the use of silicones. SRP: $26.00

Skin-Softening Body Cleanser
– this rich, lathering, foaming body cleanser, formulated without sulfates, gently cleanses and conditions the skin proven to offer 24 hours of skin softness. SRP: $24.00


Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit
Kiehl’s research showed that some of the most alluring scents around the world are derived from the most delicate ingredients. Kiehl’s fell in love with the Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit scents for their unique and distinctive qualities. Kiehl’s was able to use natural extraction for the Pink Grapefruit, however, Nashi Blossom was far too delicate for a typical extraction. This unmistakable scent required an advanced aromatic reproduction. Kiehl’s utilized a unique extraction technology where odorous molecules can be extracted at room temperature but under precise pressure conditions.

Orange Flower & Lychee
When Kiehl’s was sourcing the world over to find natural, yet efficacious ingredients, the team was introduced to a unique orange blossom essence. This blend was so special and exceptionally fragrant because it was formulated using three different parts of the Bitter Orange tree vs. the typical single orange essence. The Bitter Orange tree is known to produce oranges that deliver a more potent “orange” aroma. By incorporating the stem, leaf and flower in developing our orange flower aroma, we ensure the purest scent expression.

Vanilla & Cedarwood
When sourcing ingredients for its high quality preparations, Kiehl’s aims for fair-trade and sustainable sourcing, when possible. In its sourcing efforts for Aromatic BlendsTM, through its suppliers, Kiehl’s was introduced to a special location in Uganda, a community producing a superior natural vanilla oil. Kiehl’s suppliers work with this community to cultivate high quality vanilla and through a fair-trade program help to institute social change across 6500 vanilla farms. This sustainable sourcing program provides on-going social assistance for the vanilla farmers including the installation of drinking water wells, fair trade pricing and establishment of a financial banking system. Kiehl’s goal to always use the finest ingredients led the company to select this very special natural vanilla from this Uganda community. This Ugandan vanilla with its smooth, nearly smoky aroma is so distinctive and rare and is a direct contrast to commonly and commercially used vanilla extract, which is more sweet and floral.

Fig Leaf & Sage
Kiehl’s chemists make great efforts to develop efficacious, no-nonsense formulations utilizing only the finest ingredients. When seeking to launch the Fig Leaf and Sage fragrance, Kiehl’s wanted to mirror that authenticity. In search of the purest scent expression, Kiehl’s was looking to capture not only an ingredient’s original scent, but the impact that ingredient had on the surrounding environment. To achieve this, Kiehl’s found a perfumer who spent his childhood in Provence. This fragrance captured the aroma of Provence and is intended to evoke or even create a memory for each Kiehl’s patron.



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