Limited Edition Marni at H&M Jewel Hats

Thursday, March 8, 2012 by Wendy Lam

Photos courtesy of Marni

Last night at the Marni at H&M pre-shopping event for editors the collection practically sold out in 15 minutes with a few pieces lingering around here and there. I picked up a few pieces for my friends and was out of there in 20 minutes, it was insanity! Did anyone line up at the store this morning for the collection launch? If yes, what did you get? For those that didn’t get anything, there’s always eBay (peep listings below).

I also didn’t know that there were limited edition products until today. Marni presents a collection of 8 unique jewel hats made entirely by hand for the Marni at H&M project. The hats, dedicated to the US market, will be sold online exclusively on, Powered by YOOX Group, from March 8th. The initiative is aimed at raising funds in aid of the Vimala association.

Cute hats for the summer!

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5 thoughts on “Limited Edition Marni at H&M Jewel Hats

  1. You won't believe me but in the flagship stores in Stockholm, Sweden it was sold out within 5 min. I managed to get my hands on on some of my favorite pieces. So I'm happy. But it was insane. You guys had queues we didn't. As soon as the doors opened everyone run in… Madness.

  2. I also went to one of the stores in stockholm, sweden. I was at the front of the line so when the doors opened I just grabbed the stuff I wanted and I was out of there in less than 10 min. But yeah it was crazy.

  3. i also went to the pre-shopping thing and got a lot of stuff, when i returned today the store was still full even in the evening..its budapest 😀

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