H&M January/February 2012 Product Preview

Photos courtesy of H&M

I know a lot of you guys love H&M product previews, so here ya go (I love it too ha)! Some of the products have already hit H&M stores already, you know H&M always puts stuff out early. Look out for your faves this month and February, I know I’m going to be buying a bunch! Love the sorbet colors, so soft and subtle, and how cute is this smokey transparent jacket? Need! More pics after the jump…


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  1. love the skirts and the leathers and the bib necklaces so cute :)

  2. This is pretty amazing. Love the first one, need that in my life x

  3. Is this H&M Trend o regular collection?

  4. Adore the floral long-sleeve dress & the varsity jacket.

    — Nicole

  5. is the last pair of silver trousers mens? I GOT TO HAVE IT! <3

  6. Nice blogg! Will start to read your more often!

  7. is it h&m trend ? because the trend collection isn't available on the website, right ? x

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