Versace for H&M Spring 2012 – Sneak Peek!

Monday, November 21, 2011 by Wendy Lam

I know I know you must be all Versace for H&M out but here’s fresh news about the collaboration. Did you know there is also a Spring 2012 collection? If you didn’t now you know! Thanks to Mirror UK we get a sneak peek of the Versace for H&M Spring 2012 collection, so if you missed out on the Fall collection you get another chance to own a piece! For Spring, the collection “features fruit print bikinis, gold strappy sandals and bundles of Versace bling.” The collection is scheduled to release in February 2012 at select H&M stores, I can’t wait to see the full Spring collection! Do you like what you see so far?

Also, the Versace for H&M Giveaway winner has been announced, check here to see if you won!

UPDATE 11.23: For those that asked about this Spring collection, it will be exclusively available in countries with H&M online sales from January 19, 2012. Too bad for those of us in the US because online shopping won’t be ready yet! I will need to hook up with my European friends! Help!

UPDATE 12.14: Here’s the full lookbook of the collection for both men and women!

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11 thoughts on “Versace for H&M Spring 2012 – Sneak Peek!

  1. Can you find out if this is exclusive to europe? because thats what im hearing so far. and so far this line looks like a joke. i hope they can pull it together in the end

  2. All the nice stuff was sold out in Dubai ! We got black shorts which I didn't see on your blog, I tried to busy something but my size was sold out ! Crazy ppl took 3 pieces of everything to sell it on eBay !

  3. From what I’ve heard this will be exclusive to countries that are able to shop H&M online so it’s a no go for the U.S. We just have to wait until the pieces hit ebay at ludacris prices.

  4. the gold shoes of the second collection are not going to be sold !
    Just like the pink shoes in the november collection. Too bad..

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