Alexander Wang Fabiana High Heel Sandals

Got these new Alexander Wang Fabiana Sandals a couple weeks ago but left them at a friend’s house till last night. Had a $100 gift card from for a year but finally came across these shoes that I must have. Loved these since I saw them on the runway last season. These sandals are so cool, they’re like my “superhero” shoes. Love the mirrored-leather with the removable “cape” in the back, but don’t think I will be detaching it.

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  1. Those are amazing, LOVE.

  2. Heels that need their own cape? Now that's what I call a phenomenal shoe.

  3. NICE <3 insanely pretty shoes !?
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    xx Sophie

  4. I love these but are they comfortable to walk in at all? Was told that most Alexander Wang heels aren't.

  5. how is the sizing on this shoe? are they comfortable??

  6. Hi,

    Do the Fabiana fit true to size for you?
    Thanks so much!

  7. I would also love to know if these fit true to size!

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