Dolce Vita Jax Ankle Boot

Currently one of my favorite shoes at the moment, the Dolce Vita Jax Ankle Boot, super really cute and really comfortable. I wore it the whole night on Fashion’s Night Out and I’m glad I did because I was able to last the whole night without complaining! Thinking about getting them in cognac as well. Will be wearing these a lot, the heel height is perfect for everyday wear. I also really want the Jemma Platform Boot. To get or not to get?

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  1. The Jemmas are so hot ! They would look so good on you !

  2. The Jemmas are amazing ! My friend got them and I'm in love. I love the ones you have–I've been searching for a pair like them, might have to get my first Dolce Vita pair now!

  3. Knock off of the ACNE "Pistol Boots"?
    But very good!
    I love these boots! Yeah, you should get them in cognac, too!!!
    I got some great knock offs too, haha… And yes, you're right. This shape is just super comfi!!!

  4. looks exact like the akira booties Ive just bought.

    the Jemma s are also really nice for going out

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