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I don’t normally go to sample sales just because I hate to wait in line and also I’m not too good with digging in piles and potentially fighting for pieces. But last week my friend, Sarah from Theory, hit me up and told me she was going to the Theyskens’ Theory/Helmut Lang sample sale so I decided to meet up with her. Surprisingly there was no wait and everything was super organized!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of the Theyskens’ Theory pieces but just couldn’t justify the prices until the prices, glad I held out until the sample sale. I picked up two pairs of shoes (Ankle Strap Platform and Velvet Platform Pump), a Cola Top and the super buttery leather pants! The prices were really good at the sample sale (cheaper than the website), definitely glad I stopped by. Took the shoes out for a lil shoot, can’t wait to wear everything out!

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  1. i really love the second pair, ever so much



  2. The first pair look reeeeallly uncomfortable on the model.. in the second picture you can see the model's big toe SMOOSHED against the leather! ouch!

  3. Those velvet wedges are soooo awesome.

    xo Nicole

  4. hey just wondering how's the fit of the ankle strap platforms? does it fit true to size?

    • i went down half a size from my normal size but some of my friends just got their regular size. i think it depends, you should try them on in person.

  5. Are these shoes pretty comfortable? I really want a pair.

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